Sunday, November 15, 2015

WEEK 2 -- This is soooo my type of Purple!


HOLA!!! I've been waiting to write to you all, all week! Once a week just isn't enough to talk about EVERYTHING that happens.

So last Saturday after I sent my email, my district and I got to go to the temple! It was so nice to go after our first few stressful days at the MTC. It's the greatest place to just really fell close to God. After the temple we got to teach our "investigator" Marcos! We were planning on challenging him to read the book of Mormon that day, but we forgot to grab an extra one before we left. So in the middle of the lesson we had to go back to the classroom and get one. But other than that, the lesson went really well, and he said he would read!

So when we got here at the MTC everyone kept telling us to make it to Sunday, and we finally did! On Sundays we have Sacrament meeting in Spanish, with everyone from our zone. Everyone has to prepare a 3 min. talk in spanish on one of the chapters from Preach My Gospel. Because then in sacrament meeting, they pick 3 people on the spot to speak! Luckily I didn't I have to go the first Sunday. But I have a feeling I'll have to speak soon! We have 3 or 4 districts leaving our zone this upcoming week, so we will be getting 3 new districts! It's going to be kind of weird, because we're still known as the "new" district, but in a little bit, we will be the oldest district in our zone! Kind of crazy. So after sacrament we go to Relief society with the sisters from our zone, and a companionship teaches the lesson. They taught us on Faith and Humility, and during the lesson one of the hermanas said something really cool. That we are so lucky and so fortunate to be able to have our name on the same tag as Jesus Christ's. I just thought that was an interesting and super inspiring thought. On
Sundays we get to go on a temple walk with the zone! We pretty much just walk to the temple and take pictures and stuff. But it's so nice to be able to get outside, especially because we're sitting in class most of the time. Also on Sundays they have MTC choir practice, which is soooooooo amazing. It's directed by Brother Egget, who is the other guy directs MOTAB! SO COOL! The MTC choir performs on the Tuesday devotionals. We were practicing and arrangement of nearer my God to thee, and he was just explaining the whole song throughout the practice, how t's talking about Jacob's Ladder. And it was just soooooo incredible. I really look forward to choir all week. After choir we had a devotional from Richard I Heaton who is an administrative director at the Provo MTC (not really sure what that means, but it's pretty bouje). He talked about dealing with stress, which was really good after our overwhelming week! So also on Sunday nights you get to watch a church movie. Some are devotional talks from previous years, or Meet the Mormons, or Legacy, and stuff like that. Our branch president recommends we go see this devotional talk from Elder Bednar given a few years a go at the MTC on Christmas. IT WAS SOOOO AMAZING! Bednar talked about the character of christ, and how Christ always is thinking outward, rather that thinking about himself, and that truly is the Character of Christ. So in my scriptures I've started coloring in purple the characteristics of Christ, because the character of Christ is sooooo my type of purple. Any way that devotional was amazing, and if you can find it somewhere, I really recommend you watch it and take lots of notes!

On Monday we had lots of class again, which is fine, just long days that require you to be responsible the whole time. We also got to teach Marcos again, which was really great and every time we teach him, even though he's just acting, we feel the spirit and are guided in our lessons in what to teach. But the spanish is definitely getting easier.

On Tuesday we had our first TRC, which is where we still teach investigators who are acting, but they're a little more fluent in Spanish. So me and my companion got to teach a girl named Viridiana. It's hard because you have to teach for  45 minutes in Spanish! But it was fine. She said she would pray about our message though! We have a hard time getting to know her because she is kind of quiet, but I think she'll open up eventually! On Tuesday night we had our first devotional! and we got to sing the "Nearer my God To Thee" song! it was super amazing! But we got to hear from Elder Hugo Montoya from the seventy ("My name is Hugo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die." He actually said that! it was super funny!) But he gave us 3 be's while we're out on our mission 1)Be Alert 2)Be genuine 3)Be obedient. He was a great speaker and it was great advice. After the devotional we had a district meeting and talk about what was said at the devotional. It was really great to hear everyone's thoughts and testimonies. And it's good to know that all of are district is here for the right reasons (sounds like the bachelorette. haha). All of our district gets along super well and we are all such great friends now even though it's only been about a week! And I was just telling my companion how it feels like we've been friends for years now, but it's been such a short amount of time. It's crazy to think about how we never knew each other before we were here.

On Wednesday morning we taught Marcos again! And the spirit is so strong when we teach him, which is why I like teaching him. So the elders in my district have started calling me "Hermana Café" (brown in spanish) because there are 2 other Hermana brown's in our zone! Pretty crazy! But it's kind of fun to  have a nickname.

On Thursday we got to teach Viridiana again. We taught her about the plan of salvation, which was probably a lot to take in, but.. we asked her to prepare to get baptized in about a month and she said she would! So that was super exciting! So when we were in the choir the director told us about this Christmas devotional going on for the MTC staff on Dec 4. And they wanted missionaries to perform for them this year! So me and my companion and Hermana Mitchell(from our district) all auditioned. It was kind of scary, but it went pretty well! There were A LOT of people auditioning though, and they said they would only take about 50 (about 25 boys 25 girls). So I guess we will find out! Except we don't know when we find out... but I will be sure to let you know if I make it. On Thursday night we also got to teach Marcos, and we asked him to be baptized as well! He said yes too! It was pretty amazing to get to commitments to baptism in one day!

So on Friday we found out that Marcos, is actually our second teacher and his name is Hermano Clark! He is a GREAT teacher and he is super easy to talk to, and he jokes around a lot. So I'm super glad we will have two teachers now. But we were taught by Hermana Thomas on Friday night and it was just a really great class that night. We were reading in Alma 32, and I guess I've never really noticed this story before, but it is AMAZING! It's about when Alma and Amulek go to teach the Zoramites. And I'm not going to go into a lot a detail about it because you should just go read it. Some of the way the words were written (especially in verses 6-8  I think) they were just really beautiful, and really made me feel something. But I definitely would challenge you all to read it with a question or two in mind, then you will definitely get something out of it!

Well that was really everything for this week! SO MUCH! I love you all and I love getting the Dear Elders throughout the week as well as hand written letters. If you write me, I will definitely try to find time to write you back because then I will have your address!

Love you all so so so so much and I miss you everyday!

-Hermana Brown

 District at the temple!

My drawing of the Provo temple on the chalk board!

My view in the classroom

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