Thursday, January 28, 2016

WEEK 12: Ummmmmm I don't know what to put here because it was such a great week!

Hola! P-day is tuesday this week because we had transfers this week. It's so crazy how fast six weeks can go by! But we had sooooooo many great lessons!

So Monday was really great! A lot of seeing the lords timing. We were supposed to have a lesson at the visitors center with the Pineda family and watch "Meet the Mormons" but they didn't show up, and they weren't answering their phones, so we decided to go visit them at their house, and it turns out they just weren't able to make it. But that was okay because we got to teach their 7 year old son Aher, the Restoration, because he has a baptism date! His parents aren't members so we still have to teach him all the lessons. Which is kind of tricky because he's a lot younger than most of the people we teach, but it's kind of fun because you get to find out fun ways to teach them so they understand really simply. So we also had a lesson with our investigator Eric on Monday! And wow he is so prepared for the gospel. We had Hermano Guatemala with us for teaching the Restoration. And it was so powerful. Eric asked a lot of questions and is really interested. The lesson actually ended up being about an hour and half long, and we got to our apartment a little late. But it's actually a miracle that the Pineda family couldn't go to the visitors center to watch the movie, because then we would've been late to our lesson with Eric and wouldn't have been able to answer all his questions and get through everything we needed to.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Socorro and it was amazing! So we've extended the invitation to be baptized twice before now, and she keeps saying she wants to know more. But we had Hermana Castillo with us and she used to be a very strong Catholic before the missionaries found her. So we ended up reading in 2 Nephi 31 and Hermana shared her conversion story and it helped so much! It's great to have members at the lessons because almost all of them are converts so it's easier for them to relate to the investigator. But Socorro had a lot of questions which was great and We were able to settle some of her concerns and doubts about baptism. So at the end of the lesson we extended the invitation to be baptized, and she didn't give us a solid yes, but she said she probably has the desire to be but still wants to know more. So she doesn't have a set date yet, but I'm positive were going to set one soon! Ahhhhh so exciting! So then we had a lesson at the visitors center with Luis, I don't remember if I told you about him, but he's a 16 year old recent convert, and the only member in his family. He is so great. But we decided we wanted to talk to him about missionary work, so we watched one of the 8 stories videos about missionaries. And he told us he was getting some inspired feeling awhile watching the video, and he didn't really know what it was, but he said he just kind of wanted to think about it. So my thinking is he is getting the feeling or at least a thought of a mission. So that was a really powerful lesson.

On Wednesday we had an awesome broadcast from the missionary department for the church! And every mission would be watching it that day. And it was soooooo good. The theme was "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" and really focusing on teaching the doctrine of Christ ( faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and endure to the end). So we got to hear from elder Anderson and elder oaks, and then there were discussions led by elder bednar, sister oscarson, elder Clayton, and a few others. It was so amazing and just makes me want to improve and become a better missionary. So that day we had a lesson with Nadia Pineda which was really interesting. After we said the prayer she told us she had some questions. And she started asking us these kind of crazy questions about polygamy, Christ, and just really weird things. We weren't exactly sure how to respond to all of them, but we didn't really know where she got all these questions from! So I think the most important thing that she needs to here was that she needs to pray and find out these answers for herself and just trust in God that he has a plan and a way for all of us. And we don't know everything and why it happens, but God does so put your trust in him.

On Thursday we had a lesson with a really less active recent convert named Dulce, and we read in the Book of Mormon with her, which was really good! Also her daughter taught us how to make balloon dogs! Not sure if I have that picture but if I do I will send it! Most of ours didn't turn out to look like dogs much, mine kind of looked like a dinosaur, but it was really fun! We had a really powerful lesson with Osmond too about the priesthood. We had a member with us, Hermano Garcia, and he bore his testimony about the priesthood and it was so powerful! Osmond has grown so much and is so ready for baptism. We just have to get permission from his mom. I really hope that happens soon, because he really wants to be baptized, and he really wants to pass the sacrament. We also had a short lesson with Eric at the visitors center with Jose. And we just watched the christus statue, but the spirit was so strong. He told us before  he came he was feeling a little sad and tired but after he lesson he felt really peaceful and happy! It's really cool to see your investigators grow and progress. It really helps my testimony grow seeing others have a desire to learn more and become more like Christ.

On Friday we met this referral from Christmas lights named Julia. And we didn't have time to have a lesson but she has the most amazing kids! She has twins, a boy and a girl, and they are both have disabilities. Im not exactly what they have, but they are the happiest people I've ever seen. It really softened my heart and made me feel happy throughout the day.

On Saturday we had the most amazing mission meeting with Elder Anderson from the quorum of the twelve, and Elder l. Whitney Clayton, who is presiding over the seventy! It was such a cool experience! Right when they walked in the room you could feel a difference, and the mood changed so much, I couldn't help but smile. But we all got to shake all of their hands. Then we heard a few stories from sister Anderson. Then we had a discussion about the broadcast from Wednesday and it was really good to go over the things we learned, and also learn what others got out of it too. But my favorite part was at he end when they bore their testimonies. Especially elder Anderson. It is
so powerful to hear one of the twelve apostles bear testimony and witness of Christ. One of my favorite quotes from elder Anderson was, " you can count the seeds in the apple, but you can't count the apples in a seed." Which is cool to hear as missionaries, but also it can apply to all of you. You never know the difference you make, you just have to plant the seed first.

On Sunday church was so great! Osmond, Socorro, and Eric came! Osmond was going to go shopping, but we sent him a little text about how important it is and the blessings you receive, and then he changed his mind! Which I'm so glad he did. We had a mission farewell for Hermana gonzalazs son Joseph who is going to Argentina Buenos Aires! Which was super great, and also Eric asked us a ton of questions about missions. And I guess I don't realize that the concept of missions is a little weird to people who didn't grow up in the church. So he was really wowed that we pay to come here and that we come here by choice. I love telling people that because then they really know we're there because we care about them. So that night we had a super powerful lesson with Eric in the visitors center again with Hermano Guatemala. We have the lessons in the VC with him because he lives with his uncle who doesn't really like missionaries. But it's actually really good because then we need to get a member to give him a ride there! So we started teaching the Plan of Salvation, but he asks a lot of questions, which is really good! But the. He started telling us about why he came to the Arizona, and stories about his family. And it sounded like he's had it pretty rough recently as well as when he was growing up. But he told us that he
wants to become closer to Christ. So then we talked a little bit about that, and then extended the invitation to be baptized, and he didn't give a direct yes, but he does want to learn more. But based on how the lessons are going right now, I think he'll have a baptism date soon too! So the spirit was very strong, and he is very prepared. So Monday(yesterday) we had some great lessons with our ward mission leader Hermano Beltran. We met with Hermano Estrada, who I told you is going through kind of a rough time right now. But Beltran shared his conversion and baptism story and it was so powerful. Hermano Estrada, I knew he was feeling the spirit because he started crying and telling us that he doesn't feel like God is answering his prayers. So we really tried to let him know that our Heavenly Father does love him and has a plan for him, we just have to take the first step and take his hand, and he will help us. Ahhhh I just love all of our members. They're so strong I. Their testimonies, and the best missionaries ever.

Soooooooo we got transfer news this week and I'm staying in my area with Hermana Judy to finish my last six weeks of training! But unfortunately Hermana Conway is leaving so I'll no longer be in a trio. It was really hard for her to leave because she's been in this area and companions with Hna Judy for 6 months! So this morning we spent the morning helping her move. It's going to be interesting because she was really strong in Spanish but I guess that just gives us a challenge to learn and grown more.

But it was absolutely an amazing week, and what I told you was probably only the half of it. I love all of you, as always, but I hope the best for you all!

Hermana Brown

Our district after ward correlation!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WEEK 11: Welcome to Miracle land

Hola a todos! Each week is just so great here, and I'm really loving Arizona and the people.

On Monday we had such a great day. We met with a guy we found outside of an apartment named Eric. He was just standing there talking to someone on the phone so we went to go talk to him! And that first time we met him we didn't know if he would actually be interested. But when we met with him that day, we talked to him about religion and stuff like that and he is so ready for the gospel! We also told him about our English classes we have on Fridays and then we play volleyball, and he said we would come! So we also had a lesson with Crystal that night, but her husband came out to listen too! Usually whenever we come over he goes and hides in his room, but we had a lesson with their entire family about the commandments and it was so great! Her husband seems interested now.

On Tuesday we got to go out of the mission boundaries to do a service at the bishops store house. We just unloaded boxes of books from a truck. Because they are remodeling or rebuilding the family history center here, so they were sending a bunch of books to Las Vegas to keep a record of all of them. Not exactly sure, but something like that. So after that we were supposed to have a lesson with Socorro, but every time we schedule a lesson with and we have a member with us, she's never there! But it turned out to be okay because we met her daughter Marisol! She's super busy so I don't know if we'll ever get around to seeing her again, but we gave her a Book of Mormon! We also had exchanges on Tuesday. So I stayed with Hna Conway in our area, and Hna Judy went with Hna Gonzalez, and we got Hna zamudio! And I was a little nervous and didn't really want to do them, because you get so close with your companion. But I actually really liked it! I learned sooooooo much. And so that's why we have exchanges is to learn from each other. And Hna Zamudio is such a great teacher! Plus a native speaker, so that helped a lot. But from that night I found out I still have so much to learn on how to be a better teacher. But the great thing is everyone is so willing to help and give you advice.

On Wednesday we had ztm (zone training meeting) which is basically like district meeting but just with our zone! We did a lot of role plays, which personally are not my favorite thing to do, because you feel so silly doing them. But they're really good because you get all of the mistakes out before the actual event. But then we had a lesson with the familia estradas (less actives) that night, which was a little interesting. Their family is really struggling. The dad told us he thought everything was going to get better when he got baptized but nothing really changed. And we were trying to tell him that maybe things would change if they would come to church and read the scriptures. It's also really sad because during the lesson the parents would keep leaving with their kids into another room, and we could hear the kids saying, " ow!" Because they kept disrupting the lesson. So their family really needs some help. So just remember to be grateful for the situations you live in and that you have a loving supporting family. :)

On Thursday we had zone conference! Which was super great. First of all everyone got these boxes called " tiwi " in their cars. So basically they monitor your driving and make sure your not speeding to much, or braking to hard. So everyone was super excited/ nervous for those, but they're not too bad or too strict. Just a little funny :) But we also talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ, specifically repentance, because we're having a mission broadcast on the 20th about that! So we read alma 36 about almas conversion story, and discussed that, which was really good because I have been studying a lot about repentance lately. Oh yeah! We're also having Whitney l Clayton from the seventy, and Elder Anderson come talk to us on the 23rd this week just for the Mesa mission! That's going to be soooooo good, and such a privilege that we get to her from one of the 12 apostles specifically for our mission! Soooooo excited for that, and I will tell you all about it. We then had exchanges again, but this time Hna Conway and I went with Hna Gonzalez to her area! It was a really good learning experience once again, and I helped set a date for someone's baptism!

On Friday we had a great lesson with Socorro about repentance! Which means that the next lesson will be baptism! During our lessons she keeps bringing up what they believed in her Catholic Church, so we don't really know what she means by that, but she's still reading in the Book of Mormon and coming to church! So then tonight it was our turn to teach English classes for our ward! We have them every Friday and we finally got around to teaching them. And our investigator Eric came! It was kind of hard to teach English because we weren't exactly sure where to start. English is hard! I can't imagine learning it as a non English speaker. But after the class we got to play volleyball, and a lot of people kept showing up for that, so it was a ton of fun!

On Saturday we had kind of a crazy lesson with a lady named Eulalia, who is crystals mother in law. We can usually only teach her on Saturdays be cause she works the rest of the week, and she always has about. Five little kids running around. So we asked her if she had time to read the Book of Mormon, and she said yes. So then we asked her what she learned and she opened up to a random page in the Book of Mormon (like 2 nephi 22) and said she read that far, and then she just started reading. And every time we would ask her a question she would just start reading something! So obviously she didn't read, haha. But the whole lesson was a little scattered because of all the kids. But then at the end we decided to sing a song, and all the kids kept surrounding me and touching my iPad and it was sooooo cute! Hahaha but it was a miracle when we ended with a prayer everyone was quiet and it was really peaceful. So then we had a lesson with Luis(recent convert) that went so well. So he hasn't been reading in the Book of Mormon lately, and he said it's because he feels like something was holding him back from reading and praying. So we told him that that was satan. And it's hard to see that recent converts are people that satan attacks a lot because when they take that first step of getting baptized they're still a little confused and don't know everything that's going on. But he's really strong and I think he'll be able to get through this rough patch.

Sunday was sooooo great! We had four investigators at church, and with all the missionaries in our ward combined, we had 20 investigators at church! It was soooooo amazing! Then we had a great fireside that night! Which we had quite the adventure getting there! We had to get on the highway because it was kind of far away, so we were driving and didn't realize that we were in an exit only lane, so then we were driving for a little while and were way out of the mission! But we were able to get back on the right track and were only 4 minutes late to the fireside. Which was really great! We got to sing, hear a few testimonies from recent converts, and hear from president Jenkins! It was really great, and The Pineda family (Nadia) came! There family is just so cute and the greatest. We also got cookies afterward:)

So we had such a great week! And this next week is the last week of the transfer! So by the way my next p- day will be on Tuesday instead of Monday because of transfers. So I will also find out if I'm getting transferred! I really want to stay in the ward I'm in because I'm loving everyone here, but I'll go wherever the lord wants me!

Gracias a todos y les quiero muchisimo!

Hermana Brown

This is us with the kids of the Pineda family at the fireside on
Sunday! They are soooooo cute!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WEEK 10: We're in TipTop Shape!


So we had another great week! Full of miracles and meeting great people!

So last Monday after p-day we went to go find a new referral we got from Christmas lights. His name was Jayson Molina and he's from Guatemala!!! Mom maybe you know him... Haha probably not but if you do let me know! We talked to him for a while and he kind of kept directing the conversation to me because I told him my mom was from Guatemala. Sometimes I didn't exactly know what he was saying though so I just kind of kept nodding and following his expressions...haha. I'm noticing a change in the language this week, understanding is a lot better. But anyway Jayson was super interested and we haven't met with him again yet because it sounds like he works a lot, but I can't wait for our next lesson with him.

On Tuesday we had a great 3 week training for all the people who came in this transfer, and President Jenkins led it, which he is an amazing wisdom full man. It was really great and well needed. We got separated from our trainers and talked a lot about hard things about mission life and who we want to become on the mission. And after that training and reading an amazing talk that Jenner sent me "The Fourth Missionary" I'm really learning a lot and have a clearer vision of the person I have the potential to be.

We also got our iPads on Tuesday!!!!! So I'm writing you from my iPad now which is super convenient and I love it so much! Truly a blessing to be an iPad mission because you have the whole Gospel Library everywhere you go. :)

On Wednesday we got to go to the temple! We get to go to the temple once every transfer to do a session which is super lucky and such a blessing to have a temple in my mission. Plus the Mesa temple is sooooooooo cool. But it was super nice to go because it really just renews your soul and helps you find peace.

We had an amazing day though! So we had a lesson with two kind of less active members, Maria and her daughter Yesenia. Yesenia and I are like best friends already, so it's great. We taught them a little of the restoration and really focused on God’s love for them. And then Maria's husband Reymundo came out who's not a member and asked us if we wanted to have enchiladas with him and his family to celebrate his birthday, so of course we said yes! And he told us he had a passion for cooking,
which you could really tell because those enchiladas were soooo good! Even though we already had dinner before. But we had a lot of fun with them and were able to talk to Reymundo about the gospel a little bit and he said he would be open to learning more! So after dinner Maria told us that he was really happy we were there to celebrate with them. And she told us she wasn't going to come to church for a few months (no idea why???) but she actually came with Yesenia too, and they both had a great experience! Shows how important it is to make friends :)

On Thursday we had a great lesson with the Pacheco family(less actives) about the restoration. It went pretty well, but they have a big family and can get distracted really easily so we struggled
finishing the lesson but we did it! Their family is so great and has such a great family. They kind of remind me of when we have all of our family together and we're all just crazy! But it's so fun. Also they gave us these beautiful scarves at the end, which was so nice and I'm so glad they're opening up to us more now.

So just random thing that keeps happening. So ever since I've been here, literally almost everyone has told me I look like someone that know! It's really weird! Before I came to Arizona no one would ever
tell me that, and we actually talked about that at the MTC because my companion would always have people telling her she looked familiar, and I talked about how people never say that to me. But anyway it's just a little interesting. Maybe I look more Hispanic than you all thought! Haha! Someone did tell me the other day that I was eating like a true Mexican! I took that as a compliment.

On Friday we had weekly planning, and then we had a lesson with a girl named Estefania. She's 17 years old and came to The United States to learn English, not to mention she turned down a scholarship she had in Mexico to come here! She is very dedicated to her education which is
great! Every time we come over she's at the table doing homework or studying. I wish I would've done more of that in school. But we taught about the restoration and she's super interested and is reading in the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish, even though she's studying a lot. So to me that shows she's ready.

We also taught someone named Ingrid and her family, who the English sisters gave to us because her husband wanted to start learning but he only know Spanish. Ingrid is amazing though! She has something called lupus, so she doesn't have the most amazing health. But she wants what's best for her family and that's why she's exploring the gospel! I just know this gospel is just for her.

On Saturday, haha we had something funny happen. So we were supposed to have a lesson with Jayson, so we went to his house and as we walked up to the door we saw a lady washing the dishes through the window and she saw us and turned all the lights off inside, and then turned off the house light. We decided to knock on the door anyway, and she didn't answer. So then as we were walking back she came outside to talk to us! Haha so we were all a little confused why she turned the lights off, didn't answer the door, but then decided to talk to us at her own free will. But we had a really great lesson with Osmond that night on the law of chastity! Everyone's favorite! It was really great. You can really tell he has the desire to be baptized so I hope his mom lets him soon!

On Sunday we had ward conference which was very interesting because we're a Spanish ward but in an English stake. So the stake relief society taught and the stake president spoke, but they don't know
Spanish so someone had to translate the whole thing. So that was a kind of long Sunday, but I still learned a lot! Nadia and her family came to church and loved it. And also Maria and Yesenia. And then we had lessons in the visitors center that night with Nadia and family, and Maria. They went so great! There's just something really different about the VC and it’s so fun to teach there because
there are so many resources. They also renovated it recently so everything is really nice!

So it's been another great week! The people here are amazing and I continue to learn from them every day. We also have amazing members in the ward with the strongest testimonies.

Love you all lots and I hope everything is going well for all of you!
Los quiero mucho!

- Hermana Brown

One more thing. So I found out Hna. Conway likes to play Nancy Drew
games! We had a nice bonding moment over those. And then we found out
Hna. Judy has the voice of Nancy Drew! Haha especially when she says "it's locked". Kind of random I know, but my companions are great!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

WEEK 9: Hey Arizona, How you likin' the rain girl?

Hola!!! It's raining in Mesa today, hence the title... haha but I kind of like it! The weather is starting to warm up, especially these last few days so that's good. Everyone keeps warning me about the summer, and I don't think I know exactly what I'm up for. So I guess we'll find out! But this week was such a great one and full of miracles and great things!

So on Tuesdays and Thursdays a member who has gym does fitness classes in the morning for sisters. So we decided to go on Tuesday and we worked sooooo hard! I was sore for literally three days. But we're going to try to go more so we can be super fit. But we found 4 new investigators that day which is really good for us! It's amazing how if you pray and are dilligent in your work they Lord will prepare those people who need to hear the gospel. So we found on lady named Isida. She from Mexico but was staying with her daughter Monse for the holidays. And we had a really good conversation about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. It's interesting because we would keep going to visit Monse but she's never home, but we always find someone new to talk to when we go to her door. I think we've met about 3 different friends at her house. So we actually decided to drop Monse as an investigator because she's difficult to contact, but we think we're still going to keep stopping by her house.

On Wednesday we had a lesson with Socorro! She is probably one of my favorite investigators because she is sooooo prepared. But we taught her about the Plan of Salvation that day and I think she loved it. We asked her what she thought about the plan and she said it was a perfect plan. And it truly is. We're going to try to get a date set for her to be baptized sometime this week! We also had our last night of Christmas lights on Wednesday. It's both good and bad, because I loved getting to know and here from different people at the lights every night, but at the same time now we have more time to find and teach new investigators. And something cool is that for the month of December our zone had a goal of finding 90 new investigators, and we ended up finding 123! That was pretty amazing. So for this month our goal for just the district is 93. And I know we'll be able to find those people who are prepared.

On Thursday we met with a girl named Jocelyn who is 8 years old and the younger sister of Osmond (one of our investigators), and she is progressing so well! She told us that she was reading in the Book of Mormon and that she read it in the car on the way to something! And she's also really understanding and getting things from her readings! Which amazes me, because I know when I was reading the scriptures at her age I was not nearly that advanced. But we didn't have many more lessons that day because it was new year's eve, and we also had to be selective on the area's we would go because some can be a little more dangerous.

On Friday was new year's day! HAPPY NEW YEAR! So that morning the Beltran Family from our ward invited the missionaries for breakfast. And we had tacos with this really good meat, and then later they told us it was cow tongue! So kind of interesting, but it was sooooo good. Oh yeah, I also ate menudo in new year's eve, that one I didn't like as much, but at the same time it wasn't terrible. But on New year's day since it's kind of a hard day to get appointments, we had a party with the whole mesa mission! It was super fun! We played games, sports, made skits.

On Saturday was a great day! So we decided to drop a few of our investigators and really focus on the one's who are progressing. So that meant we had some time to do some finding. But we decided to visit a former investigator who had been taught before and been to church 4 times but didn't come to church. So we taught her the restoration, and the spirit was sooooo strong! I guess she had some issues with her daughter being a member but yeah. But also she works a lot so she can't come to church most of the time. And that's how it is for most people here, we find them one day, but then every other time we try to come back they're working.

Something scary that happened on Saturday was, we were driving to a lesson and we were stopped at an intersection. And this car was turning left and another car was running the yellow light and smashed into the car. It was super scary, but I'm just so glad it wasn't us!
But after that happened, we went to go do some more finding, but we had a member with us, his name is Jose. And he is AMAZING! So he got baptized about 5 or 6 months ago, but he is sooooo strong in the gospel. And that's how almost all of our members in the ward are. Most of them are recent converts and only got baptized about one to two years ago, but every time we take them out to teach with us they are so great and they bring the strongest spirit ever!!! So I love the ward members. But we found 5 new investigators that day. Also Jose is so amazing, because we taught someone named Emilio who was taught all the lessons previously, but he thought some people in the church were hypocritical so he didn't get baptized. But Jose was able to talk to him and share why we don't need to worry about the other people. Another reason why the members are so great is that they know how to speak spanish WAY better than we do, so they explain things really well if we're struggling.

Sunday was also such a great day! We now have church at 12:50 which is a really weird time. We also start with sunday school, then relief society, then sacrament. So church schedule is a little weird, but still great! So Socorro came to church again! She is so great and loves church. She likes the songs, taking the sacrament, and all the ward members have been really nice and welcoming to her. But the Cervantes family didn't come. We decided to kind of give them a break from contacting them for about a week. And then we'll try to go back. We had some great lessons that night thought too! So we've been trying to meet with a family called the Pacheco's for a while now. They haven't come to church ever since the elders that baptized them left the area. But Sunday we were finally able to have a lesson! We kind of talked about church and she let us know she hasn't come to church because she also has a problem with some of the members being hypocrites, which seems to be a really common problem with some of the members and non members here. But it sounded like they were going to come back to church! Personally I was just glad we were able to have a lesson with them.
So we also had a great lesson with a lady named Nadia. My companions told me that she used to open the door to them all the time and have lessons, but then one day she just stopped letting them in and would look out the window to see if it was them so she could know to answer the door or not. And they had no idea what happened. But on Sunday she let us in! We started out by singing "A child's prayer" which is one of my favorite songs ever. And then she just kind of opened up to us and told us that she tried going to other churches, but something inside of her kept telling her to come back to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So that was just amazing to hear that. That was the spirit! We didn't really teach much, just kind of listened, but the spirit was honestly so strong. And I was so glad she had a change of heart. So she hasn't been baptized along with the rest of her family, so hopefully we can work on that and help them out!

So basically it was a week full of miracles. It amazes me everyday how the Lord prepares people to cross our path. I can't wait for these next few weeks and months! As a zone we have this goal or vision called miracle march. They did it last year in the mission, and they had 100 baptisms in the month of March which is amazing! So what we're trying to do is find a lot of people in the month of January, teach a lot in February, and then have baptisms in March. I'm so excited and I know the Lord is going to help us as long as we are diligent and faithful in our work.

Everyone's been telling me about how they miss me and that means so much to me! I miss you all as well but I'm so glad to be finding these amazing people everyday and witnessing miracles that happen. But just want to challenge you all to somehow try to bring someone closer to Christ this week. It can be a member or non member, friend or stranger. But I promise that if you pray for that opportunity the Lord will make a way and you will have an incredible experience! Hope you all had a great new year's and I can't wait for what this year has to offer!

-Hermana Brown