Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WEEK 10: We're in TipTop Shape!


So we had another great week! Full of miracles and meeting great people!

So last Monday after p-day we went to go find a new referral we got from Christmas lights. His name was Jayson Molina and he's from Guatemala!!! Mom maybe you know him... Haha probably not but if you do let me know! We talked to him for a while and he kind of kept directing the conversation to me because I told him my mom was from Guatemala. Sometimes I didn't exactly know what he was saying though so I just kind of kept nodding and following his expressions...haha. I'm noticing a change in the language this week, understanding is a lot better. But anyway Jayson was super interested and we haven't met with him again yet because it sounds like he works a lot, but I can't wait for our next lesson with him.

On Tuesday we had a great 3 week training for all the people who came in this transfer, and President Jenkins led it, which he is an amazing wisdom full man. It was really great and well needed. We got separated from our trainers and talked a lot about hard things about mission life and who we want to become on the mission. And after that training and reading an amazing talk that Jenner sent me "The Fourth Missionary" I'm really learning a lot and have a clearer vision of the person I have the potential to be.

We also got our iPads on Tuesday!!!!! So I'm writing you from my iPad now which is super convenient and I love it so much! Truly a blessing to be an iPad mission because you have the whole Gospel Library everywhere you go. :)

On Wednesday we got to go to the temple! We get to go to the temple once every transfer to do a session which is super lucky and such a blessing to have a temple in my mission. Plus the Mesa temple is sooooooooo cool. But it was super nice to go because it really just renews your soul and helps you find peace.

We had an amazing day though! So we had a lesson with two kind of less active members, Maria and her daughter Yesenia. Yesenia and I are like best friends already, so it's great. We taught them a little of the restoration and really focused on God’s love for them. And then Maria's husband Reymundo came out who's not a member and asked us if we wanted to have enchiladas with him and his family to celebrate his birthday, so of course we said yes! And he told us he had a passion for cooking,
which you could really tell because those enchiladas were soooo good! Even though we already had dinner before. But we had a lot of fun with them and were able to talk to Reymundo about the gospel a little bit and he said he would be open to learning more! So after dinner Maria told us that he was really happy we were there to celebrate with them. And she told us she wasn't going to come to church for a few months (no idea why???) but she actually came with Yesenia too, and they both had a great experience! Shows how important it is to make friends :)

On Thursday we had a great lesson with the Pacheco family(less actives) about the restoration. It went pretty well, but they have a big family and can get distracted really easily so we struggled
finishing the lesson but we did it! Their family is so great and has such a great family. They kind of remind me of when we have all of our family together and we're all just crazy! But it's so fun. Also they gave us these beautiful scarves at the end, which was so nice and I'm so glad they're opening up to us more now.

So just random thing that keeps happening. So ever since I've been here, literally almost everyone has told me I look like someone that know! It's really weird! Before I came to Arizona no one would ever
tell me that, and we actually talked about that at the MTC because my companion would always have people telling her she looked familiar, and I talked about how people never say that to me. But anyway it's just a little interesting. Maybe I look more Hispanic than you all thought! Haha! Someone did tell me the other day that I was eating like a true Mexican! I took that as a compliment.

On Friday we had weekly planning, and then we had a lesson with a girl named Estefania. She's 17 years old and came to The United States to learn English, not to mention she turned down a scholarship she had in Mexico to come here! She is very dedicated to her education which is
great! Every time we come over she's at the table doing homework or studying. I wish I would've done more of that in school. But we taught about the restoration and she's super interested and is reading in the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish, even though she's studying a lot. So to me that shows she's ready.

We also taught someone named Ingrid and her family, who the English sisters gave to us because her husband wanted to start learning but he only know Spanish. Ingrid is amazing though! She has something called lupus, so she doesn't have the most amazing health. But she wants what's best for her family and that's why she's exploring the gospel! I just know this gospel is just for her.

On Saturday, haha we had something funny happen. So we were supposed to have a lesson with Jayson, so we went to his house and as we walked up to the door we saw a lady washing the dishes through the window and she saw us and turned all the lights off inside, and then turned off the house light. We decided to knock on the door anyway, and she didn't answer. So then as we were walking back she came outside to talk to us! Haha so we were all a little confused why she turned the lights off, didn't answer the door, but then decided to talk to us at her own free will. But we had a really great lesson with Osmond that night on the law of chastity! Everyone's favorite! It was really great. You can really tell he has the desire to be baptized so I hope his mom lets him soon!

On Sunday we had ward conference which was very interesting because we're a Spanish ward but in an English stake. So the stake relief society taught and the stake president spoke, but they don't know
Spanish so someone had to translate the whole thing. So that was a kind of long Sunday, but I still learned a lot! Nadia and her family came to church and loved it. And also Maria and Yesenia. And then we had lessons in the visitors center that night with Nadia and family, and Maria. They went so great! There's just something really different about the VC and it’s so fun to teach there because
there are so many resources. They also renovated it recently so everything is really nice!

So it's been another great week! The people here are amazing and I continue to learn from them every day. We also have amazing members in the ward with the strongest testimonies.

Love you all lots and I hope everything is going well for all of you!
Los quiero mucho!

- Hermana Brown

One more thing. So I found out Hna. Conway likes to play Nancy Drew
games! We had a nice bonding moment over those. And then we found out
Hna. Judy has the voice of Nancy Drew! Haha especially when she says "it's locked". Kind of random I know, but my companions are great!

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