Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WEEK 11: Welcome to Miracle land

Hola a todos! Each week is just so great here, and I'm really loving Arizona and the people.

On Monday we had such a great day. We met with a guy we found outside of an apartment named Eric. He was just standing there talking to someone on the phone so we went to go talk to him! And that first time we met him we didn't know if he would actually be interested. But when we met with him that day, we talked to him about religion and stuff like that and he is so ready for the gospel! We also told him about our English classes we have on Fridays and then we play volleyball, and he said we would come! So we also had a lesson with Crystal that night, but her husband came out to listen too! Usually whenever we come over he goes and hides in his room, but we had a lesson with their entire family about the commandments and it was so great! Her husband seems interested now.

On Tuesday we got to go out of the mission boundaries to do a service at the bishops store house. We just unloaded boxes of books from a truck. Because they are remodeling or rebuilding the family history center here, so they were sending a bunch of books to Las Vegas to keep a record of all of them. Not exactly sure, but something like that. So after that we were supposed to have a lesson with Socorro, but every time we schedule a lesson with and we have a member with us, she's never there! But it turned out to be okay because we met her daughter Marisol! She's super busy so I don't know if we'll ever get around to seeing her again, but we gave her a Book of Mormon! We also had exchanges on Tuesday. So I stayed with Hna Conway in our area, and Hna Judy went with Hna Gonzalez, and we got Hna zamudio! And I was a little nervous and didn't really want to do them, because you get so close with your companion. But I actually really liked it! I learned sooooooo much. And so that's why we have exchanges is to learn from each other. And Hna Zamudio is such a great teacher! Plus a native speaker, so that helped a lot. But from that night I found out I still have so much to learn on how to be a better teacher. But the great thing is everyone is so willing to help and give you advice.

On Wednesday we had ztm (zone training meeting) which is basically like district meeting but just with our zone! We did a lot of role plays, which personally are not my favorite thing to do, because you feel so silly doing them. But they're really good because you get all of the mistakes out before the actual event. But then we had a lesson with the familia estradas (less actives) that night, which was a little interesting. Their family is really struggling. The dad told us he thought everything was going to get better when he got baptized but nothing really changed. And we were trying to tell him that maybe things would change if they would come to church and read the scriptures. It's also really sad because during the lesson the parents would keep leaving with their kids into another room, and we could hear the kids saying, " ow!" Because they kept disrupting the lesson. So their family really needs some help. So just remember to be grateful for the situations you live in and that you have a loving supporting family. :)

On Thursday we had zone conference! Which was super great. First of all everyone got these boxes called " tiwi " in their cars. So basically they monitor your driving and make sure your not speeding to much, or braking to hard. So everyone was super excited/ nervous for those, but they're not too bad or too strict. Just a little funny :) But we also talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ, specifically repentance, because we're having a mission broadcast on the 20th about that! So we read alma 36 about almas conversion story, and discussed that, which was really good because I have been studying a lot about repentance lately. Oh yeah! We're also having Whitney l Clayton from the seventy, and Elder Anderson come talk to us on the 23rd this week just for the Mesa mission! That's going to be soooooo good, and such a privilege that we get to her from one of the 12 apostles specifically for our mission! Soooooo excited for that, and I will tell you all about it. We then had exchanges again, but this time Hna Conway and I went with Hna Gonzalez to her area! It was a really good learning experience once again, and I helped set a date for someone's baptism!

On Friday we had a great lesson with Socorro about repentance! Which means that the next lesson will be baptism! During our lessons she keeps bringing up what they believed in her Catholic Church, so we don't really know what she means by that, but she's still reading in the Book of Mormon and coming to church! So then tonight it was our turn to teach English classes for our ward! We have them every Friday and we finally got around to teaching them. And our investigator Eric came! It was kind of hard to teach English because we weren't exactly sure where to start. English is hard! I can't imagine learning it as a non English speaker. But after the class we got to play volleyball, and a lot of people kept showing up for that, so it was a ton of fun!

On Saturday we had kind of a crazy lesson with a lady named Eulalia, who is crystals mother in law. We can usually only teach her on Saturdays be cause she works the rest of the week, and she always has about. Five little kids running around. So we asked her if she had time to read the Book of Mormon, and she said yes. So then we asked her what she learned and she opened up to a random page in the Book of Mormon (like 2 nephi 22) and said she read that far, and then she just started reading. And every time we would ask her a question she would just start reading something! So obviously she didn't read, haha. But the whole lesson was a little scattered because of all the kids. But then at the end we decided to sing a song, and all the kids kept surrounding me and touching my iPad and it was sooooo cute! Hahaha but it was a miracle when we ended with a prayer everyone was quiet and it was really peaceful. So then we had a lesson with Luis(recent convert) that went so well. So he hasn't been reading in the Book of Mormon lately, and he said it's because he feels like something was holding him back from reading and praying. So we told him that that was satan. And it's hard to see that recent converts are people that satan attacks a lot because when they take that first step of getting baptized they're still a little confused and don't know everything that's going on. But he's really strong and I think he'll be able to get through this rough patch.

Sunday was sooooo great! We had four investigators at church, and with all the missionaries in our ward combined, we had 20 investigators at church! It was soooooo amazing! Then we had a great fireside that night! Which we had quite the adventure getting there! We had to get on the highway because it was kind of far away, so we were driving and didn't realize that we were in an exit only lane, so then we were driving for a little while and were way out of the mission! But we were able to get back on the right track and were only 4 minutes late to the fireside. Which was really great! We got to sing, hear a few testimonies from recent converts, and hear from president Jenkins! It was really great, and The Pineda family (Nadia) came! There family is just so cute and the greatest. We also got cookies afterward:)

So we had such a great week! And this next week is the last week of the transfer! So by the way my next p- day will be on Tuesday instead of Monday because of transfers. So I will also find out if I'm getting transferred! I really want to stay in the ward I'm in because I'm loving everyone here, but I'll go wherever the lord wants me!

Gracias a todos y les quiero muchisimo!

Hermana Brown

This is us with the kids of the Pineda family at the fireside on
Sunday! They are soooooo cute!

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