Thursday, April 7, 2016

WEEK 22: General Conference EH?

Oh my goodness what a good week! Especially ending with general conference and hearing he wonderful words of the prophets.

Last Monday we had a lesson with a less active member who just moved her records to the Liahona first ward and is now attending their ward because she is more comfortable there. But we talked about repentance with her and her three little girls. We did the activity of making the water dirty but then you put bleach in it and it's clean! While we were explaining it that we all sin I asked " how can we become clean again?" And one of the girls answered, "well we can take a shower." Haha it was pretty funny, but good.

On Tuesday we had zone conference! It was sooooooo good! We talked a lot about the Idaho initiative which is something they started in Idaho and baptisms in their mission doubled! So we are starting to work it into our mission as well, and we're slowly getting our ward excited about it. It's an initiative focusing on members and missionaries working together to help reactivate less actives and baptizing kids who are over the age of 9, get prospective elders the priesthood, and part member families. It's going to make a huge difference I think! One of the families were really focusing on is the Estrada family. Both parents are members but the dad doesn't have the priesthood. And their two girls Andrea (10) and gabby (8) have not been baptized but we were already working with them. So we want to work with Hno. Estrada to be worthy to hold the priesthood for their baptisms. And We set Andrea on date for April 23! They don't think Gabby is ready for baptism so we have to respect the parents decision but it will be good for Gabby to see Andreas baptism. So we're going to really have to work hard and get the members to come out with us for it to be fully effective, but I think we can do it!

We had a lesson with Socorro and she is going to be such a solid member! She hasn't been reading in the Book of Mormon so we read Jacob 6 with her and talked about general conference even though she wasn't able to make it. But we also told her not to get offended if someone says something about her or someone else because so many people fall away because of that. But she completely understands the fact that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. The church is perfect but the people are not.

On Thursday, we had a lesson with Hector and Carmen and it was sooooooo good! Hno. and Hna. Juarez came too! We taught them the restoration and it started out a little bit rough for some reason but as we went along the Spirit was so strong and we all felt it. But at the end we were going to invite them to read the Book of Mormon but we didn't even have to.  They just told us, "we're going to read!" So we're working on having that same spirit in all our lessons.

On Friday, we tried to contact this referral named Jose and we called him to set up lots of appointments but he was never home. So that night at 8:50 ten minutes before we had to go home, we knocked on his door and asked for Jose. But Jose didn't live there, Jorge did! So we set up a return appointment with him and he wants to learn more. So now we have to try to find where Jose really lives and then we'll have another new person to teach!

Saturday and Sunday was General Conference! Best weekend ever. I think my favorite talk was Elder Hollands, but I love how the theme of the conference seemed to be around temples and being a child of God. Because it really is so important that we all remember our worth. We mean so much to our Heavenly Father and he wants us to come closer to him more than we can comprehend. Lately I've been thinking that as a missionary you get an idea of what Heavenly Father feels when people don't choose follow him, or we get to feel the love that grows when you see them make those correct choices. Socorro's change is one that has been truly amazing to see. On my second day in the field we taught her the restoration and I invited her to be baptized. She told us no because she's already been baptized. And now she's preparing to be baptized on May 7 because she knows it's true.

Well it was quite an amazing week and I'm going to invite you all to do something that President Jenkins invited us to do. Keep studying the April 2016 General Conference talks everyday if you can. And keep receiving the words of the prophet and apostles. I love you all so so so much! Thanks for all your love!

Hermana Brown

A brinca brinca in our investigators front yard that we were about to go teach.

A little boy outside of our investigators house had a little bunny and was shwing us, so I asked if I could hold it and it's soooo cute!

My companion and I!

We sat with Sister Judys trainer at Easter Pageant and it's three generations!

Zone Conference

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