Sunday, April 17, 2016

WEEK 23: Happy Happy Bappy :)

Oh my goodness! It was such a great week!!! Lots of miracles and great hints happening in the ward.

So last Monday we had an FHE with Jonathan (the recent return missionary) and his family. So when he left on his mission his family kind of went inactive and he's working on bringing them back, which they are. But turns out that he has an 11 year old brother that hasn't been baptized yet! So we taught him for the first time that day and it was a little rough. Teaching kids is a little hard because we are sooooo used to teaching adults so it was a little rough. We had a hard time relating to them and having them be really open around us. It's gotten better with teaching Andrea, but Brent's a boy and he acts a little different, so if anyone has ANY suggestions please tell me! So after that we went to go visit a referral we got, and we've tried contacting her so many times and her son told her to come back that night. So it was us and we had Spencer with us the other recent return missionary. And she has this weird gate thing surrounding her door so you can't knock on the door or ring her doorbell so it makes no sense, but we usually knock on the gate, but we aren't sure if that was working. So we tried throwing little rocks at the door but we didn't want to damage the paint. So then Spencer noticed a rake behind the gate, he reached through the gate to grab it and handed it to me, and then we rang the doorbell and knocked on the door with that, but unfortunately she wasn't home. Soooooo haha that was quite the adventure!

On Tuesday we had a really great lesson with Socorro in the Visitors center! We were able to teach her about eternal families and temples, and it was just the coolest thing. We were sitting there in the VC looking at the Mesa temple and I just felt the Spirit sooo strong. Because if my grandparents hadn't found the church and got sealed in the temple, I would not be here right now in Mesa teaching people about the power of temples and eternal families. Socorro really wants her family to accept the gospel and really wants the work done for her dad in the temple. So it was a little hard for her to hear but she does like it and knows she will achieve it someday.

On Wednesday we met with the familia Cervantes, and it had been a while. And since Jonathan lives in the same apartment complex we brought him with us and it was soooooo great! We talked about prophets and general conference, and Jonathan offered to give them a ride to church. Which was really good.

On Thursday we met with Luciana, Osman's mom! We talked a lot about some things we believe, how church is, and just answered a lot of the questions she had. She also told us a lot about her concerns of Osman. She sees a difference in him and she doesn't mind us teaching him, but she doesn't like how he's on his phone a lot, and hat he has a girlfriend and thinks he's going to marry her (he's only 13). So we are working on him with that. I fact now at church he doesn't use his phone for scriptures anymore! He brings a paper Book of Mormon. We're not exactly what we're going to do about his girlfriend because that really is his choice, but he's doing really well and his mom can definitely see it! I think once we resolve those to issues she's having she will say yes to baptism.

On Friday we went to go teach Idania and her kids. Jesus wasn't there so we really tried to get control of the boys she has. They are the cutest little boys but they have sooo much energy and she doesn't discipline them a lot besides hitting them. So we sang a lot of songs and Junior, the four year old said the prayer! So we're going to keep trying to get their family back on track with things.

On Saturday we helped the familia Perez clean there yard. When it rained a lot a few months ago, their roof got really ruined so the had a bunch of shingles all over their yard and we helped clean it all up. It was really great! Then we were finally able to have a lesson with the Estrada girls. They've been gone almost every time we came over this week so we're probably going to have to push her baptism date back, but it will happen for sure! But we taught them about scriptures and gave them one of those big Book of Mormon stories book with the pictures in it.

So then on Sunday Socorro, and Osman came and... THE FAMILIA CERVANTES CAME TO CHURCH!!! It's been over ten years since they've been, and they came for sacrament meeting! Big thanks to Jonathan he really helped welcome them and get them there. But once they were there, everything was good! And at the end everyone was talking to them and we're so happy to see them there. It was so good to see them there and see them partake of the sacrament. So all we have to do now is keep them coming and help them to continue to progress. It's cool to see your investigators come to church, but it's even cooler to see these people make a change after all those years of not going.

So as you can tell the week ended on a really great high. It's been amazing the experiences and things I've been witnessing while in the mission. I'm so blessed to be out here inviting others to change and come unto Christ. I love you all so much!

Hermana Brown
Sis Judy and I decided to be adventurous and get ice cream from this
creepy green ice cream truck. But it was sooooo good!

We went to this place where you make your won ice cream cookie sandwich. so cute!

Sometimes to get Idania's kids to calm down I let them play on the photo booth on my iPad. Here's some good ones :)

Us with the familia Perez after service!

Most of the Spanish missionaries at soccer this morning!

We had a picnic in the park the other day with the Liahona 4
missionaries :) and also Liahona 3 was there too soooo yeah.

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