Sunday, October 16, 2016

WEEK 49: I'm Pregnant.

Hola Familia y Amigos!! What a great and busy week it's been here in the Pueblo ward! We had a lot of service projects, meetings, and lessons keeping us really busy. We also got to go to the temple this week! That was a really great opportunity since it's been a while since I've gone. 

So this week we had the great opportunity to go to the Gladys Knight fireside! It was really awesome and such a great experience. If you ever hear about her and the SUV choir coming to your state, MAKE AN EFFORT TO GO! Gladys Knight only sang one song, but she led the whole choir and everyone was sooooo talented. It was interesting because it was in a chapel, like in the sacrament meeting room, but they were all singing gospel songs and we were applauding, dancing, and saying "amen!" And stuff like that, but it was an amazing experience. Gladys Knight and her husband shared their conversion stories and their testimonies, and it is amazing to see how the gospel has impacted there lives. One thing i really loved about the whole fireside was that it was all centered on the restoration and praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true. It was all geared toward investigators and non members of the church. So that was definitely a highlight of the week!

We had a lesson in the visitors center with one of our new investigators named Jose Perez. We actually found his brother and Mom before we found Jose, but it turns out Jose really really wants to learn and is a lot more prepared. During one of our weekly planning sessions we were discussing about his mom, and we know there are a lot of people that live in that household that we hadn't met yet, so we had the feeling that what Heavenly Father wanted to have happen with this person is to get one of them really excited about the gospel and then share it with the rest of the family. And after a few weeks it turns out that is Jose! At the VC we were able to watch Gods plan for his families, and one of the new Meet the Mormon segments (they are playing at all visitors centers) called "The Horseman" and it was all perfect for him. You could tell he really felt the spirit and he said he wants to come back and show his son everything there at the VC. I think it's amazing that when we set goals, Heavenly Father always provides a way to accomplish them. The goal we set was for the mother of Jose, but now we know Jose is going to be the one to help his family get excited about the gospel.

One of the goals that our bishop and also our mission president has set for the recent converts in all the wards is that they go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead within 30 days of their baptism. In order to accomplish this in our ward we are setting a day this week to go with all of the recent converts! I really love his standard that our mission president has set because our focus should always be on the temple. In my studies this week is was reading in Mosiah 2 when King Benjamin is wanting to address all of the people in the land. As people gathered to listen "they pitched their tents round about the temple, every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple." Our first goal in mind should always be regarding the temple. I know that the houses of the Lord are very sacred grounds and he wants all of his children to stand in his holy house. Many blessing come from doing the work of the Lord, he just can't wait for us to get inside and feel of his love when we make covenants with Him.

So regarding transfers, I am being transferred to a new area, with a new companion! In fact I found out that I will be training one of the new Spanish sisters coming straight from the MTC (hence the title)! I still don't know who she is, but I will find out tomorrow. I will be going to the Escondido ward which is the ward that borders Pueblo. I sure it will be rough the first couple of days as it will be a new area that I'm not familiar with, as well as a new missionary that I have to show the way. But I'm sure the Lord has it all figured out! It was hard to say goodbye to everyone in Pueblo because I think it's been my most favorite area so far, but I know I will come back to visit them! Love you all a lot! 

Hermana Brown

Saying goodbye to Abigail Chavez and Rosa Dominguez!

The Salazar Family

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