Sunday, October 30, 2016

WEEK 51: Life Here in Mesaco

Hello everybody! Mesa is really awesome and the white washing is coming along slowly but surely. Escondido is an awesome branch and the leadership is really great! Everyone is super supportive of missionary work and they all really want to help the branch grow into a ward. The weather is getting really nice here in Mesa as well! So we definitely take advantage of walking when we get the chance.

White washing and opening up a new area comes with a lot of finding, and with finding comes a lot of interesting stories. We went to go find an investigator that was dropped about a year ago and their wasn't a lot of information on him so we decide to go knock his door to see if he was home. After we knocked an Asian man opened the door and we introduced ourselves and everything, but he just looked at us in a very confused way and he shrugged like he was very confused. We tried to keep talking with him but he wouldn't say a word. Then he walked away with the door open and we looked inside the house and it had no furniture, it was unfinished and there was no one there with him. So we just said bye and left. We decided to refer him over to the sign language missionaries and see if maybe he was deaf. We are still waiting to hear back from him. 

We also did have a great find this week! We found his man named Alfredo and we were going back for his return appointment one night, but we met his wife Dora. We talked to her and she said that she spent a lot of time with the missionaries in the past but has found that she likes the Christian church. As we talked to her she said a lot of contradicting things and she definitely stated at the beginning that she does not want us to come by and visit her. But he more we talked with her at the end she told us when she is home and said it's not bad to hear! So she definitely had a change of heart, so we'll see what happens in the future with her as well!

Sister Howard is doing so great and I am amazed at how fast she is improving in Spanish! Also in everything. She is a very hard worker and very determined to help others come unto Christ. I am very lucky to have her as my companion! She is also feeling better, but on the down side I got sick this week. Nothing too bad, but it wasn't too fun. We are all better now though! All is well here in Mesa and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Love you all!

Hermana Brown

This is a crazy house that
we knocked on and a bunch of dogs came out and almost bit my
companions foot!

There's this neighborhood that we work in and they all have super decorated Halloween houses and it reminds me of Disneyland during Halloween time!

Really dark, but this is with the Chavez family after the visitors center!

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