Sunday, February 5, 2017

WEEK 65: The Day My Life Changed.

We have had an amazing week! We had many people to visit, we had two back to back exchanges, and mini exchanges as well. Something SUPER crazy that happened this week is we had a special missionary broadcast! So last year around this time they had one called "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" and it was really good. And so in this one they started at the church office building and kind of gave us a mini tour of the floor with the missionary department and we entered their conference room. Present was: Dallin H Oaks, David A Bednar, Neil A Anderson, Bonnie Oscarson, and a few other seventies and missionary department people. Elder Bernard offered the prayer and it was really cool to hear because you don't hear the twelve apostles pray very often. Then they kind of had a long brainstorm/discussion about the broadcast from last year. But the reason why it was so crazy is that at the end they changed our schedule! We still wake up at 6:30 am, and do studies and all the missionary stuff, but now we pretty much have a lot more time to go proselytizing and stuff and find people that need the gospel! So its been quite a little bit of an adjustment because I'd been living the old schedule for so long, but I really think it's all for the better, I like it too!

So one day we were out tracting in some apartments and we saw this man walking with a guitar (in a case) and since we talk with everyone we went to go talk to him. We introduced ourselves and he said his name is Samuel. We kept talking for a little bit and it seemed like he kept wanting to get away and avoid the gospel conversation, so we left him with an invitation to a genealogy class with our names and number on it. A few days later it was raining really hard and we were on our way home. We were cringing and we saw this man walking home without an umbrella. As we kept driving we felt we needed to turn around and give him ours. We stopped and we realize it was Samuel! We were all kind of surprised to see each other again but it was no coincidence God crossed our paths for the second time! So next day we were studying and we get a call from an unknown number and guess who it is... Samuel! No surprise there. He kind of played a song on the guitar for us for a really long time but we eventually got to setting up an appointment at the visitors center to meet with him. He can and we had a super great lesson! We had planned on watching a video but we ended up teaching the restoration and it was soooo powerful. He said he's been looking to get closer to God for a while. And so at the end we invited him to be baptized and he accepted for a specific date! The only unfortunate thing is that he is English so we had to turn him over to the English missionaries but it was a really cool story!

While we were in the lesson everyone was sharing there stories about how they came to know the church was true and I was thinking about an experience I had once when I think I was about 14. One day in church we were asked to write down a question that we had that we would like to have answered and during mutual one day the bishopric was going to answer our questions. I remember sitting there thinking about What I should write, I wanted to make sure I picked the right one. I thought of many things I could write but the one that kept coming to mind was "How do I Know the Church is True?" I wrote it down in my paper and turned it in. A little while later the mutual activity comes and I distinctly could remember the question I wrote down and I was anxious for my answer. Each member of the bishopric would take turns with the questions they had received and studied to answer to our needs. They kept going and going and many good questions had been answered but I was still waiting for my turn. The mutual was coming to a close and my question had still not been answered. Until My dad, who had been a member of the bishopric at the time, pulled out his last piece of paper and read it saying "How do I know the church is true?" He explained that he saved this question for last and bore his pure testimony, and explaining that there's never been a doubt in his mind that this is e true church. I felt the spirit so strong in that moment and I could feel power in my dads words. That was a moment I'll never forget that helped me receive my own testimony a few years later. I now I can tell you all that I have doubt that this is the true church. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he restored Christs church. And more importantly than anything I know Christ is our savior and that he has paid for whatever sin, transgressions, sadness, trial, etc. that has happened, is happening, or that will ever happen. I hope you all never forget that, because that is the key to happiness!

Hermana Brown

Back with sister Howard!

Our district hike last week.

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