Sunday, January 29, 2017

WEEK 64: The Church is True, The Book is Blue

Look what I learned how to say in Spanish! Yo juro solemnemente que mis intenciones no son buenas. It's a quote from Harry Potter so hopefully you know what part.

Hey Fam and friends! It's going to be shirt one because we went on a hike this morning so it kind of made our day shorter. But that means I have more pictures to send than words! Haha. We had an awesome week. The Escondido branch is just amazing and I think I'm just barely coming to realize that. We had missionary correlation And branch council this week and they couldn't have been better meetings! Seriously, the leadership in this branch is amazing and everything works out better when your leaders know how to work with you.

I went in exchange with Sister Escobar This week and I got to go back to pueblo! We actually saw a lot of the people I was still visiting so that was super fun. And it was great being sister Escobar companion again!

So we were walking in these apartments the other night and it was kind of a hard day/week as far as finding new people to teach and so we've been trying to be better about that. So we saw this guy that was fixing his car and so we went to go talk to him. Turns out he used to meet with missionaries about three years ago, still remembers the names of the missionaries, and went to church for 3 months straight! Unfortunately he got a little scared by the big decision of baptism and stopped going. But it was such a miracle that we found him that night!

We also have two more people on date for baptism! One is trying to change his life because he's addicted to drinking and he is just tired of it. I unfortunately wasn't there for the lesson because I was on exchanges but I did get to meet the mom Berta! And she really wants this for her and her son. We had an awesome lesson with her about the BofM and she really wants to feel the spirit and know it's true. In fact at the end of the lesson, she got up from he couch and began looking for her glasses, because she was like "I have to read! I have to know if this is true!" So I'm really excited when she receives her answer! Love you all! I hope you have an amazing Week!

Hermana Brown

Back with Hermana Escobar!

Cool picture of the Arizona sky.

Bathroom selfie 🤳 

More Arizona beautifulness!

Snow! We had missionary correlation on Saturday which we were calling our ward mission leader to see if he was still good to do it at the time we set, but then he said he was going to be late because him and his family were in flagstaff (the place in Arizona with all the snow) so we changed the time, and when at the end of the call I jokingly said "bring us back some snow!" But he actually did! God answers prayers everyone!

Pictures from the hike!

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