Sunday, March 5, 2017

WEEK 69: I caught a Chicken!

Hoooooolllllllllaaaaaaaa! I hope you all are doing well! There are weeks when I get a bunch of emails and other days when only like one or two people email me, and to day was one of those days when everyone emailed me and I don't know if I'll be able to respond to everyone, soooooo just so you all know i love you so so so much!

Yesterday we were eating dinner with the Familia Freestone and as we were talking they brought up the chickens that they have in the backyard, and how there's one really crazy one that is super fast and always flies over the fence and eats the vegetables in the garden, so they've been trying to catch it so they can cut off one of the wings so it can't fly anymore. And they said that the elders a few years ago tried to catch it but they couldn't so we told them we would do it for service! So the four of us sister missionaries went to their backyard into the chicken coop, but before starting we said a prayer to be able to catch the chicken. Hno. Freestone stood us which chicken is the one they needed to catch and we could already kind of tell which one it was because it was running really fast. So we were all a little scared at the beginning to touch the chickens and pick them up, plus it was running super fast and sometimes they would flap their wings and it would be really scary but we were determined to catch the chicken. We kept running around and we kind of cornered the chicken and it eventually got stuck climbing on these fence tunnel things they have and I was right by it! So still a little scared I went in with my hands and I caught the chicken!!! We were all sooooo happy. I was holding the chicken and I was really happy, and then Hermana Freestone comes over to look at it and she was like, "Oh no. I think that's the chicken we caught already that we thought looked like the other one and we cut the wing." And we looked at the wing and it was the wrong chicken. We were all a little disappointed, but then we saw the chicken we actually needed to catch. We cornered it again but it was a super crazy chicken! And it was really scared of us. At one point it flew on top of the chicken coop, and then on top of the fence and then into the tree. Hermana Freestone said to leave it alone, but Hno. Freestone kept trying and eventually it came out of the tree. It was then running around all over the yard and all of us sister missionaries plus Hermano Freestone were running around chasing after it. You could tell it just wanted to be back in the coop with his chicken friends. And it kind of slowed down for a bit and I went in for the chicken and missed and then Hermano Freestone caught the chicken by its legs! So we caught it! Truly shows that God answers prayers, haha!

This week we also did service for the Phoenix marathon! I got to do it last year as well and it's super fun! People love running by the missionary station and they're like "missionaries!!!" And then they stop in the middle of he marathon to take pictures of us and tell us where their kids are on missions. So it's really cool!

We also had some conference which was super fun! And it always really good to here from our mission president. He is soooo inspired. I really love my mission president because he is so normal. He openly admits his mistakes and weaknesses and I feel very comfortable around him. I trust him in his calling.

This week I was reading a lot about "real intent." Which can be defined as "understanding the Why and the motives behind your actions." Coming to the end of the mission I have been really evaluating the actions I take and the way I use my time, because it is going faster than ever. And I really want to make sure I'm doing the things in doing out if really intent and not just because I'm doing them, or because I'm obligated to do them. I read a talk about real  intent and I love he explains the real intent of partaking the sacrament: "As we always remember Him and keep His commandments, think how the compounding effect of always having His Spirit to be with us would impact every area of our lives. Imagine how it would influence our daily decisions and our awareness of the needs of others. "There are countless ways we can keep our promise to always remember the Savior in the course of a day. How will you always remember Him?" -Randall L. Ridd

Doesn't that perfectly explain the why of taking the sacrament and keeping our covenants? I just love it. I invite you all to ponder this and then ponder the why of all the decision you make. But especially the sacrament. Isn't it great that the reason we take of the sacrament is so we can have the spirit to be with us, so we can make righteous decisions and fulfill our full potential and also help others fulfill theirs. SO COOL!!

Any way. I love you all and I hope you have a great week. I love you all lots!!

Hermana Brown

This is Berta our investigator that is moving to Mexico this week!

It was Sister Escobar birthday and this is what we did for her.

The zone at zone conference!

Our district at the Phoenix marathon!

Us, Chicken feathers, and Hermano Freestone.

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