Sunday, March 13, 2016

WEEK 18: Hello Gov'na

Hello all! Happy March and everything! We had such a great week! It may be a bit of a shorter email this week so I can try to write back everyone today, but still good experiences.

So last Monday we had a super great lesson with the familia Perez who are recent converts, and we're almost done with their recent convert lessons, but we had a great lesson on the atonement and Jose came with us! We talked about some of the things we've been learning in our studies and the use of the atonement in our lives and the spirit was so strong. Miguel, the dad, has such a strong testimony and I heard a cool story about him the other day. His daughter Kayla told us they were at a family dinner and the rest of their family is Catholic, and they were praying over the food and doing the recited prayer, but when it got to his turn he prayed to Heavenly Father like we have a conversation and I thought that would've been sooooo hard, but what a way to live what you believe. Their family is growing so much from when I first met them my first or second day in the area and it's so amazing!

On Tuesday we went to go to the familia Pozos house to help their daughter make piñatas for this event she put on. Hermana Gutierrez knew how so I was with her and my companion went with sister Morris to do some other things, because they had a a lot of plans at once, but it was really fun! We also had a great lesson with Osman! So we tried doing daily contact with him to read his scriptures every day and when we got there he read all of chapter 12 and applied it to his life really well! We also taught him the restoration and he has a beautiful understanding of that as well. He knows exactly what an apostasy is and that's something people usually have a hard time remembering! He's doing so great but still working on getting his answer to know if it's true.

On Wednesday we had a bunch of member present lessons because a member came out with us for 2 and a half hours! One great and quite hysterical lesson with the familia Estrada. They have two girls who are 8 &10 and they want to get baptized. And we are going to set a date tonight! So we taught them the restoration and their neighbor friends came to listen too! They all love to talk and answer the questions and ask questions as well. But they definitely have a desire to learn about God and his love for us! It was kind of a crazy lesson because it's hard to teach 6 kids at once who have never had primary before, but it was good! At the end we sang I am a Child of God and I had the two girls on each side of my looking at the words and they were both singing the loudest opera they could. So we tried our hardest not to laugh, but it ended really well and we all got to eat ice cream :)

On Thursday we went to a less active members house, Elena Gonzalez, who has cancer. I think I told you about her already but she served her mission with President Jenkins! So he came over to her house with us to give her a blessing and it was soooooo great! They talked about their mission in Spain. And some of the people they still knew and it was really good. And the blessing was really powerful and I think it's exactly what she needed. Plus it was pretty cool to put President Jenkins down as our member present. Jaja

On Friday we met with Luis Capatillo and he's doing pretty well. Still struggling reading his scriptures and coming to church but we're working with him and helping him realize this will really bless his family.

On Saturday we went to go watch the Thomas s monson documentary, "On the Lords Errand" with a recent convert Luis Mendivil. He said he loves President Monson and that he's his favorite prophet. So we walked over to he VC to watch it and he really liked it! He's got such a strong testimony for only being 16 and joining he church about a year ago.

On Sunday, church was good! Socorro was the only investigator that came and she is doing so great! She still won't accept baptism, but is really trying to get her mom to come to church with her just once so she knows what it's like. So she's being a missionary already! We also finally got a hold of Jayson Molina again, that guy from Guatemala! We think he was a little bit drunk, but we talked with him and kind of what he's expecting and he said he has a strong belief in God, but he wants to possibly add on to that with what we know is true. He said he's not working as much anymore so it should be easier to get a hold of him.

On Monday, we had a ward activity that we missionaries planned and executed. We want to help the members know how to be missionaries so they can help invite their friends to church or the Easter pageant or giving them a Book of Mormon! It was really fun and a great success. I think everyone enjoyed it and hopefully has a stronger desire to share the gospel. The spirit was so strong there as well.

But it was such a great week! I'm so grateful to be in the Mesa mission, we have so many blessings. Such as the Easter pageant is coming up starting March 16! Oh yeah! And we got transfer news on Sunday and I'm staying in Liahona 4th for another transfer with sister Judy! We were pretty sure we were going to be separated because you usually aren't with your trainer after you're done training but they tricked us! Haha. But it's going to be a great one! Love you all so much! Have fun switching your clocks back an hour on Sunday. I will be in a different time than you all :)

Hermana Brown

Here's some pictures of he ward activity!

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