Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WEEK 19: Lets just say, I'm happy to be alive :)

Hello! I'm so excited to tell you about this week because it was quite the eventful one. And I'm so glad to be a missionary. :)

So last Tuesday we had a great lesson with Dulce and Pascual Garcia who are less actives. Pascual had been feeling sick for a week so we came over with the elders so they could give him a priesthood blessing. It was super powerful and great for them to come do that to help them remember some of the covenants they made at baptism.

On Wednesday, we went to go do service at the bishops house! We were helping them pick grapefruit off their citrus tree. It was pretty fun! I was picking fruit from a ladder about 5 or 6 feet high and I was on the step just below the peak of the ladder, and I moved just a little bit to come down from the ladder, and it tipped and I fell to the ground. It was kind of scary because I was just falling and there was nothing I could do, but I'm okay! I scraped my arm pretty bad, but I'm so blessed that I didn't break a bone or hit my head or anything. So I really am all good. :) We also had a great lesson with Socorro. We tried for the first time to give her a baptism date, April 2, and she kind of freaked out and said that was too soon and she wouldn't be able to repent fully enough by then. So she told us she's thinking May. So we told her to pray about it and we would talk to her about it next time. We also had a short lesson with the Estrada girls and still haven't finished the restoration with them because they LOVE to talk. So unfortunately we haven't set them on date yet, but we will definitely do it this week!

On Thursday, we had a lesson with Hna Ledezma. She hasn't been reading in the Book of Mormon or coming to church lately so we're probably going to have to drop her. She's kind of crazy too right now so she'll probably be ready sometime in the future. We also had an awesome lesson with Osman about Jesus Christ. He's doing so great and has been reading in he Book of Mormon everyday even though it's just 5 verses a day! His desire is getting stronger and stronger, and his testimony is better and better. We kind of had a scary experience this night. We were driving in this kind of not super safe area (where there are a lot of drug deals and stuff) and helicopters had been circling it all night and we saw a few police officers over there. So then we were driving a little bit away from that area and all of a sudden these two speeding cars were heading straight for us and sister Judy told me to move to the side. So it was SO CLOSE we almost got hit head on and that would have been really bad. So we just said a quick prayer of thanks after that and were really careful the rest of the night. We think the cars were running away from the police.

On Friday, don't worry no accidents happened. But we had a great zone training meeting and it was all centered on the atonement. We watched a lot of the bible videos and read a lot of talks and stuff about the atonement, and it was just so beautiful. So that night we had a lesson with Linda who we hadn't seen for a while. But she told us that she was walking by the park by the temple and she heard some of the songs and practices going on for the Easter pageant. She said that even though it was in English and she didn't understand much she felt something really peaceful in her heart and she really liked it and wants to feel it more. So that's why we told her we invite her to church. But now she works on Sundays so we're not sure what to do with her. But the Easter pageant starts next Wednesday and I'm so excited!!!

Saturday, we had a great breakfast with the stake president and talked all about missionary work and how we can help he ward council. So then after we had all our studies we were going out to go have a lesson with this golden family we had the other day. It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and we were stopped at a light and there was one car in front of us. And we were just sitting there and all of a sudden we hear this screeching noise behind us and I looked in the rear view mirror for just a second, and his car was coming right toward us and then CRASH he Rams into the back of our car and we hit the car in front of us. We got pretty bad whiplash, well at least I did. I still have headaches and back pain, but other than that were alright! Again super super blessed navy the lord that neither of us got injured. So we had to do the whole police report thing which was really hard because I was still in shock with what happened, but it most definitely was not our fault. The guy hat hit us was an older guy and just wasn't really aware that the light was red so that's why he hit us. So we don't have a car right now and we have to share it with our roommates, but it's not too bad. So then we went to the the sisters baptism for their investigator Brian! He's 17 and the only one in his family who is a member now and it was a beautiful baptism. The estradas showed up late because there was a mix up on the time but then we had a short lesson with them on baptism and showed the video of Jesus Christ when he got baptized. It was really good!

So then Sunday was a great day! No accidents :) but Socorro, Osman, and the estradas came to church! Anddddd we were talking to Socorro for a little bit anspd she told us she talked to her mom and told her she's going to be baptized and she wants her mom to support her. So she said she's okay with getting baptized on May 7 the day before Mother's Day!!! I hope sister Judy and I are still in the area by then because that's in the next transfer. But I'm so glad she's finally decided this is what she really wants! And her mom is going to support her doing it. Thanks for all the prayers because I KNOW they helped so much.

So after these few days and these accidents I know this is where the lord wants me to be and the work he wants me to do. Which I'm so glad I'm okay because I love doing this work! What a way to start the transfer! I know it's going to be a good one. Also Easter pageant starts this week so I'm sure you'll hear lots of great stories about that next week! I love you all so so so much thanks again for all the prayers because I know they help and that he lord is blessing everyone. Thanks!

Hermana Brown

We got lillies at ZMT and took pictures

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