Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WEEK 20: Happy easter!

What a great week! No worries, there were no accidents this week! Thanks for all of your concerns but i am doing just fine, it's possible I'll need to go see a doctor or chiropractor because I'm still having headaches, but I'm sure it will all get situated.

So last Monday we had a noche de hogar with Dulce and Pascual Garcia! The elders also invited themselves because they made us carne asada which was sooooo good! But we also brought Socorro and it was all really fun! We ate for a while and talked about Jesus Christ and then showed the new Easter video " Hallelujah." It was really good and Socorro has soooo many friends in the ward now.

On Tuesday, oh yeah so we didn't have a car for two or three days which was kind of hard just walking everywhere but we invited a lot of people to the Easter pageant and found new investigators. But some elders offered us their car and now we're all good. We also talked with Hno Estrada that night, unfortunately the girls weren't home but we were able to talk to him and the Perez family came with us. Hno Estrada is really struggling and he wants the blessings of being a member and he feels like he's trying but nothing is coming. So having Hno Perez there really helped because he doesn't live in the best circumstances either but because he has a good attitude about things he's just a lot happier.

On Wednesday, we had a lesson with Socorro about the law of chastity and she fully supports it and understands it very well! We also officially set her baptism date for May 7! I really hope I'll still be here for that, but it's whatever the Lord wants. So then that night we were talking with a potential investigator named Adrian, and he was just sitting outside his apartment and wants to learn and have religion I'm his life so he can have a strong family relationship. So we taught him very basically about Heavenly Father and prayer. And then we asked if he's ever seen the Easter pageant and he hadn't so we decided to walk over with him right then! It's so nice our area is right across from the temple so we got to watch half of the Easter pageant that night and it was absolutely beautiful!!!

On Thursday, we had a lesson with Hna Ledezma and Idania and they are both really struggling with their families. Hna Ledezma wants her daughter to live with her and not with her sister and the other day her daughter ripped up a bunch of pictures from her quincenera and she didn't know why. And Idania is having a hard time getting along with her husband and she swore in front of us. So we showed this video called "valor" about Esther to try and strengthen their confidence and know that the Lord loves them. But it was just sad to see them so sad. So then that night we got to work at the Easter pageant! And it was so fun! We went to a cast devotional before and it was just cool to hear about all their preparation. So then we got to go out into the audience and talk with people. We met a lot of people that are non members that are snow birds and come for the winter. But they all just keep coming back because they like it! Then we got to watch and we sat in the third row! It was again, soooooo beautiful! We are so blessed to be in this mission!

On Friday, we met with this boy about twelve years old and we've been trying to teach his family for a while now. But we talked with him and he is so curious about the gospel and asked us a lot of questions! We showed him the hallelujah video too and talked about why we celebrate Easter. So we're planning on teaching his family this week! In total on Friday we found 6 new investigators! That's a lot if you didn't know.

On Saturday, it was a bit of a rough one. In the mission handbook it says Saturdays are great days to find people at home. But that is not true in the Spanish areas of Arizona because people work ALL THE TIME. So our finding time was a bit rough and long and we didn't find anyone. But then we got to work the Easter pageant again! And it was Spanish night and we saw a lot of people from the ward. It was again so amazing! I can't say it enough. It's just all about the life of Christ and portrays it so beautifully. Also I saw Elder Hoffman there from my MTC district he's in the Scottsdale mission, and I also saw another girl from the MTC who is in the Phoenix mission!

Sunday was a bit of a rough one but still good. All of our investigators that we're going to come to church canceled, so we didn't have anyone at church and that was a bit sad. But church was still really good and I learned a lot. That night we were still a little stressed and our lessons kept canceling or they weren't home. So then we were at a house who wasn't home and we felt prompted to visit a potential who lives close. And they let us in! They haven't been home for a while but we showed the hallelujah video and they want to learn more. Their names are Hector and Carmen and they used to talk to missionaries a few months ago, but now they want to learn again. So that made the day a whole lot better!

It was a good week especially with the Easter pageant! And we have one more week of it. Love you all and thanks so much for all you do! I love everyone's emails and letters you send me! Happy Easter on Sunday!!!

Hermana Brown

We found these snazzy sunglasses in our new car.

The elders gave me and Hna Gutierrez cards because we werern't feeling well.

Classic selfie in the car

Liahona 4th sisters on Spanish Easter pageant night

It's Sister Morris's birthday today! So we put a bunch of balloons on her bed and made her pancakes!

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