Sunday, June 12, 2016

WEEK 31 (can't think of a title)

Wow! What a great week! Soooo you know how last week I was just saying that the heat hasn't been too bad... Well this week it was SO HOT. It got to 115 this Saturday and it just feels like an oven every time you step out of the house or get out of the car. Soooooo yeah, but I'm getting used to it and drinking lots of water. But other than the heat it has been quite the week!

We have been meeting a lot with the Ortega family lately and they are doing so well. We read the scriptures with them a lot and they understand it really well! So they have two sons that got baptized but the parents are not members so we are really working with them, and they are sooo nice. It's just been hard to get them to commit. But they are such a fun family and have a lot of potential.

So then we had a few really great lessons with Reymundo this week. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and it was a little bit rough, so we went back to re teach it by reading in the Book of Mormon. We read in Alma 11 about when Zeezrom is taught by Amulek about the resurrection. And we had our member Jonathan with us who is a recent return missionary and the spirit was so strong. Reymundo still struggles with understanding the priesthood and our purpose and that's why he hasn't been able to fully accept baptism yet. And he hasn't come to church yet still! So we need to really state our purpose and help resolve his concerns. But he is doing really great and still praying to receive his answer.

On Sunday we had a really great miracle, really seeing the hand of God in our area. So our investigator Abraham, he has been taught for about six months now but hasn't been able to come to church because of work. But just this past Sunday he promised us he was going to come. Unfortunately that didn't happen. So we went to go visit him that night and ask him if this is what he really wants. He told us that he likes visiting with us but sometimes other things come up and he can't meet with us, read in the Book of Mormon, or go to church. So he is not really going to commit to anything so we had to drop him. It was really hard and we didn't really want to do it, but we knew it was right. So then as the night went on we were going to an apartment complex in our area where we had a lesson and as we were walking in we saw two guys unloading their car because they were moving in! So we asked if they needed help but they said they were fine. But then we got into talking about who we are (missionaries) and what we do and they were really interested! So they showed us where their apartment was and we gave them a Book of Mormon and they were really excited to read it! It was such a miracle and it really comes to show that Heavenly Father blesses us when we do things according to his will and his time.

Sooooooo it was transfers today (this past one flewwwww by) and I'm getting moved from Liahona 4th 😭😪 I've been there for 6 months now so I guess it's my time to leave. But now I am in the Valencia ward and my new companion is sister Morris! Super exciting! So yeah. Thanks for all of your love and support! Love you all!

Hermana Brown

District pictures

Sister Gutierrez found out she is being STL

We had lunch with the English sisters in our zone!

A member had a turtle and I fell in love with it. :)

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