Sunday, June 26, 2016

WEEK 33: You are doing gweat!

Woohoo! Such a great week! And I'm currently writing this email while getting a pedicure! It's at this place and all the workers are Asian so it's pretty funny. Sooooo yeah!

So last Monday, the Vasquez family that I told you about last week fed us dinner! We usually don't have dinner with members on P-days and they wanted to feed us so, now they want to feed us every Monday. Unfortunately that cuts our P-day time, but they feel like family to us. So this week we taught them about the restoration and it went sooo well! We ask them questions and stuff, but also they make amazing comments throughout the lesson and its really good! We also extended a soft baptismal invitation and they said yes! So I'm sure we will set them on date this week! We also had a lesson reading the BofM with Andres, the dad and he knows so much. He was also asking us a lot about repentance and baptism so we showed him the video of Jesus getting baptized (shout out to you mom!) and it went really well! Definitely our focus family right now.

On Tuesday we had a 24 hour exchange with Sister Judy!!! So I went to Sister Judy's area for the exchange and Sister Morris stayed in Valencia. It was really fun and interesting being back with Sister Judy again because it was like old times and I'm a lot more confident in my teaching now, so we had a lot of fun. A lot of interesting things happened. We went to go visit someone they were thinking about dropping and we read the introduction in the Book of Mormon with her. Unfortunately after she read it she had a few questions but she just told us everything confused her and it all seemed like a lie. She felt really sorry after but she is definitely dropped now. We then went to go see some people that recently moved from Mexico and they are really receiving the message well. We were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well! We got to the point where we talk about baptism and we asked the member to share her testimony about baptism and Jesus Christ and it ended up being perfect because she shared how we need to be married first and they had not yet discovered that about them, so there is going to be two weddings and they told me I'm invited! So that was really exciting! Then we also had a really crazy lesson. We were teaching this guy named Brandon outside because we couldn't go inside without another female. So we begin by reading in the first chapter in the Book of Mormon and it was going really well! And then all of a sudden their dog comes out our of nowhere and just comes up to us and starts licking us. We were trying to keep the Spirit there so we just kind of ignored him and kept reading and discussing. But then it started to eat Sister Judy's hair and then it started completely chewing at my shoe! And we couldn't stop laughing! We finally got it together and ended the lesson, but it was really funny. So that was the best exchange I've ever been on!

So then on Thursday we had our last meeting with president Jenkins! It was kind of a zone conference, but just shorter and less trainings. But it was absolutely amazing! Sister Jenkins spoke first and left us with her testimony and  then recited the whole Living Christ from memory without hesitation, and the spirit was soooo strong. Then President Jenkins talked to us and gave us a lot of advice and left us with his blessing, and gave us part of his study journal on repentance. It was such a wonderful conference and at the end we all got hugs from president and Sister Jenkins! It's definitely going to be hard to see them go!

So then one more funny but kind of miracle story from the week. We were going to visit someone in these apartment complex but they are completely in the back so we made a goal to talk to everyone in our way. As we went we ran into a group of people who are drunk and this one lady comes up to us and says, " how did you know?!" Then she later explained that her son died exactly a year ago on that day and he called the missionaries the day before he died. So she thought we were angels and that her son Michael sent her. She was really drunk and crying throughout the whole thing, but she asked us to sing for her so we sang I am a Child of God and she took a video of us. So then at the end we were finally headed out and we asked if she had a BofM to read and then she said, "No! Let me go get my bible!" And she ran back into her apartment. We were standing outside for a little but and we really needed to get going because we had an appointment. So we were like, well should we run and pretend like were angels? And we thought about for a minute, and then we just ran! So hopefully she is all well now and I know we were supposed to talk to her.

So I am really sorry if I can't respond to you all this week because we are cutting close on time, but I really do appreciate you all and the time you take to write me! Also happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world! I love you so much daddy! I hope you have a great week!

Love you!

Hermana Brown

Judy and Brown reunited!

Finally got a picture from Flat Iron!

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