Sunday, June 5, 2016

WEEK 30: 30 weeks ago ya did!

What a great week! Things are really starting to pick up in the area and we found ten new investigators this week! So to start off I have sad news! Socorro moved to Texas on Friday ✈️:( her sister was having problems with her husband so they decided they need to get away for a little bit. Also the familia Pozos left as well, they moved to Washington yesterday which is really sad because they were some of the best members in our ward! It's kind of sad because the ward is really going downhill right now. A lot of members are going less active because they keep getting offended by people in the ward, so that's our biggest concern and work as of right now. So I think it will be
best that Socorro is in a new ward now.

Main highlights of the week, first, on Monday we had exchanges and I stayed in our area and sister Gonzalez came here, and sister Gutierrez left to the other area with sister Hernandez. I was really nervous because I'm still a little bit new to the area and don't know all the places to go or people to visit when lessons fall through. So it happened to be that on this exchange, every lesson but one fell through but the Lord definitely blessed me that night. After every lesson that canceled I was just continually praying for opportunities to talk with people and to know where to go, and he definitely answered my prayer! Although we knocked on lots of doors 🚪that night and couldn't find people at home, the Lord put people in our path that needed to hear something about the gospel.

On Wednesday we had a super great lesson with Reymundo the one I told you about last week. We had gotten out of dinner late so we were late to our appointment with him and we were already busy that day, so we were a little rushed but we taught the first half of the restoration. As it got time for us to go Reymundo started to open up to us, and my companion and I both felt like we just needed to listen, and he had such an amazing story to tell about his family, and he told us he's never been able to tell missionaries that before. Then we met with him again on Friday with the familia Juarez and it went so well! We taught the rest of the restoration and it was just beautiful. We invited him to pray and read about the Book of Mormon and to know if this is the true church. Then we extended the baptismal invitation when he receives his answer and he said yes! Then, He told us that he is really scared of God and being baptism send again because he's already been baptized 3 times in other religions, but he has been thinking a lot about baptism and wants to make sure his is valid. I think he's just a little scared to accept that this is what he needs to do. But I think he knows and he will definitely be baptized soon!

Then on Saturday we had a lesson with Brian, a recent convert and he moved wards so we had a hand off lesson with the Liahona first elders. It was really good but sad that he has to leave, but again it's probably for the better.

A lot of people have been asking me about the weather and it hasn't been too bad! It is hot but I'm pretty used to it. The highest it's been getting is the high 90s but it's only gone above 100 one day this month, which is not usual. So I might luck out and get cooler summer! Fingers crossed! But yeah it's been good! Transfers are this week so p
day will be on Tuesday next week! Love you all! Hasta luego!

Hermana Brown❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Emojis at the request of my sister Gracie 😃

We tried to be cool in our ponchos that we all have 😂

Bahama Bucks again! Hermana Hershey and Elder Hoffmann hit 500 days on the mission :)

We got a watermelon and didn't want to cut the other half so we ate it with spoons 

Cooking lunch in the kitchen! 🌯🌯🌯

Sister Escobar has these dresses from Guatemala that are super cute and super light weight so they're great for Arizona! We all decided to match today.

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