Sunday, July 3, 2016

WEEK 34: You are Doing Great (cooking mama)

Miracle week... Again! We are being soooo blessed right now. Everything is all good in the hood. The area is really blooming, we have so many families and prepared people we are teaching, and my companion is super great! Sister Morris is so humble and always glorifies Heavenly Father, she is super funny, from West Jordan Utah, and has a super strong powerful testimony and I am learning a TON from her. So yeah!

On Monday the familia Vasquez fed us dinner again and we had a lesson in the morning with a new family we just found! They are the Gonzalez family and right now only the wife and the kids are interested but it seems like the husband is opening up. We talked to her about her experience with missionaries in the past and it wasn't too good. They told her that their baptizing goal is to baptize monthly and that she really needed to get baptized and she wasn't quite ready for that yet, and her husband is really Catholic so he told her to tell them to stop coming over. But when we stopped by to set a return appointment he offered us Gatorade. And she told us after we left she was super surprised he didn't say anything about a return appointment, that we offered us water, and that he asked her why she didn't invite us in to eat. He did not like missionaries in the past but I think his heart is slowly being softened. So she has five kids and two of which are baptism age and they are all so cute! We read the introduction in the BofM with them this week and extended a soft baptismal invitation and she said she would be baptized if she receives an answer! Which of course she will if she reads, prays and comes to church.

On Tuesday we had a way cool miracle. So we were doing some finding and knocking on old investigators doors and we came to one who we were looking for Bernardo, and this girl answers the door who is early 20's and she was super nice. Turns out Bernardo doesn't live there anymore, but also turns out we met Fernanda who is slightly less active but is trying to turn her life around. She told us she wants to join the marines and all this stuff but is really ready in her life to strengthen her relationship with God. So we actually met with her the next day at the visitors center and she's been through a lot of hard things with her family and friends but has this super strong desire to make a change. She told us she was really looking for something to help her change and then we knocked on her door! It is so cool to see how God leads us to the people we need to talk to and the people that are looking for something. And it's so cool to know that not only is God answering our prayers to be guided to those who are in need, but also he is answering there prayers by sending us to their homes or putting us in the path. He loves us MUCHISIMO!

On Wednesday we had a wonderful district meeting in the morning all about "becoming". President Jenkins in leaving this upcoming week and we will meet our new mission president, President Townsend, on Thursday! So we had our district meeting all about things President Jenkins taught us and it was really good. Also something cool I got to be a part of on Monday was an FHE for President Jenkins! Sister Udall (one of the senior couples that works at the office) asked if I and a few other missionaries could help her out with a musical number for him. So it was a complete surprise and we all sang this president Jenkins version of an old song called "Red River Valley" and then at the end we sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" so that was a really neat opportunity I had.

On Thursday we met with one if our new referrals named Elvira! Her landlord referred her to us and told us she was interested! So she has never really met with missionaries before so we mainly just explained to her our purpose and what we do and she was really impressed at everything we do at such a young age. And it's kind of crazy how The Lord trusts people like me, a 19 year old to teach his children... That's a big  responsibility and sometimes it's a lot to handle! But it's definitely worth it. But we introduced the BofM to her and we are going to meet with her next week! She seems really prepared.

On Friday we had a lesson with the Vazquez family by the pool they have at their apartment! They are doing really well and reading in the BofM everyday! and also praying everyday! Also Andres has told us he has been thinking and reading a lot about baptism and how it's supposed to be done. So we read in Alma 32 with them about faith and it went really well! They definitely have a lot of faith to know that God is going to answer their prayers. Unfortunately they haven't been able to come to church yet because they have family visiting from Mexico and they can't leave them alone, but I'm sure they will come this Sunday! Also we haven't been able to set a date for them yet because they haven't been home for our appointments, but probably tonight or sometime this week for sure!

On Saturday we had a really long day. Mainly finding and knocking doors and at the end of the day we realized we didn't talk to a single person in Spanish besides our dinner appointment. We did talk with every one we saw even though it was hot outside. But I think it's very necessary to have long hard days or else you would take the really good ones for granted.

Sundays really great because we have church and it is always the best. Sandra came for all three hours again, and Noel (her son) went to primary! Usually he likes to stick with his mom, but he was really happy today. We met with them after church and read the introduction with them in the BofM and reminded them all of what it is and the invitations and promises it gives us. And now they really understand the importance of reading everyday. Sandra is also going to get a solid date set as well!

So it really as such a great week and I am so blessed to be at the front row of all these miracles. I am also so happy to be here in Mesa serving among the Lords children. Just remember that you all are children of God and he loves you so so so much. I want to invite you all to think about and right down in what ways you have seen Gods love, and I know the list will be endless. Love you all! Thank you so much for all your support!

Hermana Brown

These are some kids we are teaching right Now!

We decided to take a before and after picture from the beginning to the end of the day and this was the result...

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