Thursday, July 28, 2016

WEEK 38: Behold, I Am Disciple of Jesus Christ the Son of God

Hello everybody! It has been an amazing week in my new area with my new companion. The people here are soooo great and so prepared. And the members are absolutely great! The area is huge and so it's getting a little while to get used to, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Also my companion is really great! We're getting a long really well and having lots of fun!

So right now we are teaching two ladies, Lupita and her daughter Cristal. I actually met them on exchanges one time! But they are super prepared and love the gospel! They've been taught for a little while now but can't get baptized because they're husbands who live in another town won't marry them. Or else they would totally be baptized by now. But we still are working with them and praying a lot for some sort of change to happen. We read with them this week in 1 Nephi 8 about Lehi's dream and they really liked it! It's actually one if my favorite stories as well because it has so much symbolism in it, and I don't even think we've discovered the half of it. But I love how we must always hold on to the iron rod.

Something cool that happened this week! The ward council had a list of people new in the ward that we need to go visit. One if them was a man named Rodolfo Bodden. We went in there and asked where he is from which is the Dominican Republic and then we asked him how he came in contact with the church and what his conversion story. And it turns out when a mission first opened up in the Dominican Republic he was the first person baptized there along with the rest of his family! He showed us this whole book he has about the church opening up in the DR. He had a really cool experience with the missionaries and it was super cool to get to know him!

Then we met with someone named Hermana Cruz this week. She got in an accident a little while back so she's had to be in assisted living center for a few weeks now and has been a little lonely so we payed her a visit. She has a really cool story and definitely has a lot of knowledge to share with us. She told us a story that caused some deep thinking inside me so I will tell you about it. So she has been in this assisted living center for a while and sometimes they have to run some procedures and they can sometimes be painful. As they were doing this she was very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain and just asked for a cup of ice from the nurses. They told her to keep going and that they would be done soon. She waited a little bit but she was still in a lot of pain so she asked again for a cup of ice but she got the same response. Eventually they finished and left the room and Hermana Cruz was still waiting for her cup of ice. Two hours pass and a nurse returns to the room to do a checkup but does not have the ice. Hermana Cruz was a little frustrated at this point and tells them, "I give you as students permission to practice on me (because you can tell a student to not do it if you want) so you can get your degrees and everything to progress, and the one thing I asked from you is a cup of ice." The students stood there in silence and didn't really know what to say and eventually returned to her with some ice. As she was telling us this story I kind of realized that that must be how Jesus Christ feels. He suffered and died for ALL of us so we can be resurrected and live with him again and I can only imagine him saying something like, "All I ask of you is to love me, and keep my commandments." I don't know why it had such a big impact on me, just wanted to share it with you all. The atonement is truly amazing. :)

I don't know what it was about this week, or it might be the area, but I have just really felt like a missionary these past few days. It's like I know I'm doing what's right and it is the one if the best feelings ever. I have only told you about some of the miracles and people that we are seeing in this area, but I am learning a lot from them. It really is such a pleasure to serve among Gods children in the Arizona Mesa mission. Love you all so much! Thanks for all your love and support!

Hermana Brown

Sooo I feel super bad because we hardly took any pictures this week

We went to do a photo shoot today and it was super fun!

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