Sunday, July 17, 2016

WEEK 36: When you believe

Hello everyone! Amazing week this week and this upcoming week is the last one of the transfer and we finally get our temple trip on Thursday so that will be really good.

Last Monday on the fourth we didn't really do much, but there were definitely miracles! It was just a regular p day so we went to the mall and bought some stuff and then at night during proselyting hours we kept an eye out for any fireworks. But at the end of the night we were going to go visit a less active old lady and as we were praying in the car and we heard some screaming outside. So we finished the prayer and got outside of the car and we found a little nine year old girl named flor who we have been teaching and I actually taught her dad in Liahona 4th. But that night she was left alone outside and her parents weren't there. So it was a miracle we were there because she was really scared and didn't have a phone to call anyone. So she was able to use our phone to call her dad and he came to pick her up.

Lately we've been teaching some kids whose names are Carlos, Clarissa, and Angel and they live with their dad and their grandma who are both less active members. But the kids are super golden and love learning. We've been teaching them points of the restoration over the course of this week and they are very interested in learning! They always have really good questions that sometimes we even have a hard time answering, and we really want to set them on date but we need to ask their dad first, and whenever we have lessons he usually doesn't come out to listen. But I know they are going to be baptized one day. I think it amazes me how well they learn and the interest they have about the gospel even though they are just kids.

We've also been working with Juan Estevan which is the one who has a baptismal date for July 30, unfortunately we are going to have to change his date because he didn't come to church this Sunday, but he said he will probably make it next week. But we taught him about the plan of salvation this week and it went really well! He always has really good questions and comments during the lesson and we can really see his interest by the way he is involved in the lessons. He is always reading in the scriptures and says the prayers and it is amazing to see.

Sister Morris and I decided we want to be more healthy so today we bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables and healthy food because we get fed a lot at dinner! So hopefully by doing this we will be more healthy. Also Sandra is still having hard time to leave behind her coffee so we are trying to keep the word of wisdom more too. That way we know how hard it is for her. Sandra is doing really well though! Her and her son Noel are always reading and praying and still coming to church, so it's going to be really good!

So it has been a super good week. Our mission president has made an emphasis on preach my gospel since he got here and so I've been studying it a lot and it has made a huge difference in teaching, studying and really just everything! So I recommend that everyone reads it, especially if you want to go on a mission. It really helps strengthen your testimony about the scriptures as well. So yeah! Thank you so Much! Love you all!

Hermana Brown

So the pictures I have this week are kind of random because I kind tried being artistic and I just thought they were cool so hopefully you enjoy it.

We teach a less active that works on a ranch so this was really pretty :)

We started growing sunflowers becaue a member gave us seeds!

Inside the home of Hispanics

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