Sunday, July 10, 2016

WEEK 35: Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Independence Day everyone! So blessed to be in this country where we can express religious freedom and all that. Also today I compete 8 months in the mission! Crazy how fast the time has gone. But sorry this is going to be a shorter email, but it definitely was a week of miracles!

So last Sunday our bishop who is a former mission president in Argentina, well we told him about our investigators that are progressing and that they are really close to baptism but we haven't set dates yet. So he showed us a way to invite them that really states our purpose and helps them understand baptism. Basically the thing that we needed to change is give people a baptism date in the very first lesson. It really states our purpose and it lets us know if they're interested. So we did that all week and we had a lot of success.We first did it with this guy named Juan Estefan who is someone who was found in exchanges and we were teaching him the restoration and we did the thing that bishop showed us at the end and he accepted the date for July 30! It was super scary but after that it wasn't as scary. So then we did it with this guy named Javier and his date is August 6 and we also did it with Sandra and her son Noel! Sandra has had a a lot of dates in the past but now she is for sure preparing for the 23 of July! Miracles! So that was pretty amazing to see and we have four people on date!

We also got our new mission president, President Townsend and we met him for the first time on Thursday! He is super great! He is from Washington state and it looks like there will be change in the mission but not too much right now. But it is super exciting! He seems like he is going to be a great fit for the Arizona Mesa Mission!

Well yeah! I hope you all have a lovely Fourth of July and enjoy some fireworks! Sorry if I can't respond this week individually but I love you all so much! Thanks!

Hermana Brown

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