Sunday, August 28, 2016

WEEK 42: There's No Place Like Home πŸŒ…

We had an amazing week this week, as always. But many miracles came our way. First of all. Yesterday morning we went to the house of the familia Aguirre to go make waffles. When we got there they were all getting ready for church and all we had to do was make the waffles! While we were making them my companion had never used a waffle iron before, so on the first batch she put a ton of batter Into the thing and as it was cooking, a ton of the batter just started gushing out of the machine and it got all over the counter. So we kind of made a mess and we were already running late to church. But we ate the waffles and everything and left to go to church! And although we were fifteen minutes late, we all made it to church in time to partake of the sacrament! Ahhh man it was such a good feeling to have them there and know that they did want to come! They only stayed for the first hour but they said they would come for two hours next week!

So the old lady named Zulma that we're teaching right now is doing really well! After our last lesson with her where we read in the BofM with her she started praying on her own before she started reading and she's says now she's understanding everything and remembering everything too! She loves the stories as well and says she always imagines herself in the story, she says her mind takes her to another place. So it was just super cool to see that she is taking the counsel we gave her to pray before she reads, and she did it and now she has gained a testimony of the power of prayer which is going to help strengthen her testimony of the Book of Mormon. If only everyone would realize we invite them to do these things to help them. But they all will come in their own time. But Zulma does has a baptism date for the 10 of September! She is very excited and really is obtaining the light of Christ in her eyes. I think it's the coolest when not only do you see a spiritual change in people but their physical appearance changes as well when they accept the gospel.

We found a new absolutely golden family one night! We were out walking in a trailer park visiting members and investigators. As we were walking we saw a few people outside their house playing with their dogs and so we went to go talk to them! They are the familia Perez and we met Emilia who is the mom and her son Eric who is in his late twenties. Eric has dialysis (kidney problems) and they are patiently waiting for a donor to be a match. So later on in the week we went over to have a lesson with them and teach them about the restoration. Plans changed so we wanted to have a shorter lesson with them. But then our member was talking about her conversion story and about how she got baptized after already being baptized in the Catholic Church. So they asked about how that worked and we got into the restoration. And it turned out to be a little bit of a longer lesson but it was just what they needed. At the ended we invited them to be baptized and they were totally on board! They were just really receptive and both my companion and I had really good feelings in there house. So we are really excited about them!

So it really was as a special week. I really felt a sense of belonging this week and a sense of home here in Arizona this week. I just really feel like this is exactly where I am supposed to be and where the Lord wants me and it is such a good feeling to have. All the experiences I am having I know I am having them for specific reasons although I may not know why. I kind of feel like Nephi in a sense when he is learning about the vision of his father when he said "I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." But I know that God has so much love for every single one of us and has a specific plan for everyone of his children. If we live faithfully and keep the commandments, we will come to know him. Love you all and have a great week!

Two quick things! I forgot to mention that next week is transfers so my p day will be on Tuesday rather than Monday. And we just went to go watch the three new segments of "Meet the Mormons" and they are SO GOOD. You can go watch them at any visitors center so if you haven't done that yet I highly suggest you go to watch them because they are awesome! My favorite was The Entertainers, but they are all really important things to learn from all of them. I think they are specifically made for the things that are going on in today's world.
So go and check them out!

Hermana Brown

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week but here's a picture of one
of the many beautiful Arizona Skies!

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