Sunday, September 11, 2016

WEEK 44: Tip Top 2️⃣0️⃣

Hola familia y amigos! Well as most of you know today is my 20th birthday and thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and the cards that you sent. I am so grateful for all of your support and love, and I owe you all cookies or something. But I'm officially not a teenager anymore and it feels really weird to say that I'm 20. But I guess we'll just keep moving on!

This week was a little but if a rough one. Our area is really big so I'm still not super familiar with it although I've been here for 6 weeks. And now that sister Gaskell is gone and I have sister Escobar, I'm trying to figure everything out. Also since it was a holiday weekend it was really hard to find people at home. So it everything definitely relies on our faith in the Lord and really paying close attention to the spirit. I know that it will get better as we keep working hard!

But Zulma is doing so awesome! We were able to teach her the rest of the lessons she needs for her interview that's happening tomorrow! She is getting baptized on the 10 of September so she is getting really close! She has definitely has come a long way since the first time we taught her, and you can just see the difference in her face. She really takes seriously the commitments we give her and does them and every time we ask her if she did them, she is very honest and tells us how she feels. And she always does feel really good. So we're really excited for her
baptism this Saturday!

Although it was kind of a rough week, the Lord definitely put prepared people in our path. We went finding for a former investigator in our area book and we found someone named Nydia. She just moved here from Kansas so she is just getting settled in. But it turns out she knows the Zavalas in our ward and they have invited her to church before but she hasn't been able to come. But we were able to give her a Book of Mormon and she asked us to come back! She seems really awesome and I know there is a reason we met her that day. Because it reminded us we need to go back to visit the Zavalas as well.

So does anyone know who Gladys Knight is? Well she is coming to Mesa to come to a fireside and it's going to be awesome! Our stake is one of four that got first priority to go to the fireside! Basically what it is, is a missionary opportunity for everyone. You can only get tickets if you bring with you a nonmember, investigator, or less active. So we are really trying to invite everyone right now, it's harder for us though because we are Spanish and there will not be translation at the fireside. But it will still be a good experience whether they understand it or not.

But everything is going great! Thanks again for all the birthday wishes and the love and support you all give me. It really is a huge blessing! So I just want to let you all know that I am super grateful. For my birthday today I'm pretty much just going to be eating, shopping, writing you all. We were going to go to the trampoline park but we decided to change it to next week so more people could come. So a pretty chill birthday here! Love you all so much!

Hermana Brown

A bunch of ducks at an apartment complex.

We decided to do a photo shoot

Thanks for the skirt

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