Sunday, November 13, 2016

WEEK 53: Estoy Escondido en Escondido

Hello everybody! We have seen a TON of miracles this week! Things are really getting good! And the work is moving along. I'm going to be honest, I am not super motivated today to write a weekly email so it might be short. But still good!

Thiss past Friday I hit my year mark! The time has passed by soooooo quick but I'm glad I still have 6 months to keep doing this work, because it honestly was amazing! We also had a miracle on Friday night. We just really noticed that the timing of the Lord was perfect. We went to a lesson we had and the parents were busy, but we were able to teach one of the kids really quick. Then as we were leaving we had a lesson at 7 so we were going to work around that area for about 20 minutes so we wouldn't be late. As we were walking to our car we ran into a little boy named Alex that we met a few days before and asked if it was still okay to come on Saturday, but it was such a miracle we ran into him because he said he had a soccer game on Saturday. So we went over to his apartment and met his sister Ruby! We taught them about prayer and it was soooooo special to teach those kids and to see them say a prayer on there own. We also set another appointment for tonight! We were very short on time, but we drove over to our next appointment as fast as we could, and our member arrived at the same time. It was with the Chavez Rodriguez family but only Jose was home so we couldn't go inside. But we did have a nice little contact with him and he got to know hermano Solorzano, who is amazing! So then we had finding time for the rest of the night and at our dinner appointment hermana Allison had mentioned someone that popped up in LDS tools that she tried to visit but they didn't answer. We too tried to visit them a while back but we had not luck, so we told her we would try visiting them tonight! We kind of got lost on our way there but we finally found it. It looked like no one was home but we decided to say a prayer and try to knock the door. As we finished saying the prayer we saw a car pull up in the driveway and it was the family! They are the Mendosa family and they moved about a month ago but they haven't known where the church is so they couldn't make it to church. So they invited us in and it turns out, Aldo the dad is a return missionary and he's from the Dominican Republic, and his wife is a nonmember! So we are going to have a part Member Family to teach! They also invited us for dinner to eat Dominican food! So we really saw the Lord's hand tonight. Although some appointments fell through, we showed up late to a few places, we know we were exactly where we needed to be that night.

One more quick cool story. We went tracting in some apartments the other day and we met a family from china! They were really nice and invited us in and gave us some water and Chinese candy, which was not very good. We had a nice friendly conversation with them and they said they wouldn't mind having the missionaries come over again! It was just really cool to share my testimony with them because they're from China and the gospel is not in China. They are moving back to China in a few months but they were so nice and it was a neat opportunity.

Haha I guess it kind of turned out long! But I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful day and never forget how much the Lord loves and how well he knows you!

Hermana Brown

The Asian candy we got! The wrappers are so pretty!

Since we eat at the VC a lot there is a Dairy Queen right there, and so knowing me we go over and get ice cream a lot!

It is sooooo pretty when it rains!

We ran into these members yesterday that used to be in the Spanish branch but switched to English and they're from Colombia! But they had a pet hedgehog and let us hold it!

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