Sunday, November 27, 2016

WEEK 55: You can be simultaneously a masterpiece and a work in progress

Hello! Good news! Sister Howard are staying in Escondido together! Another six weeks in this amazing branch. Super grateful for it especially since it's thanksgiving this week! Not sure exactly what our plans will be but we are having dinner with a member. It's weird to think that a year ago I was in the MTC having thanksgiving dinner. The time goes by sooooo fast.

But we had an amazing week! We set three people on date for next month! Two of them are brothers who are eleven and nine years old and never got baptized due to family issues. They are still a little hesitant as to when it's going to happen but they are slowly getting there! The other one is this kid named Juan and he is 17 years old! So we found him last week and he seemed really interested in the Book of Mormon and what we believed, but when we came back for our return appointment he wasn't home, but luckily this week we found him and he is sooooo good! He has questions such about what happens after we die and how we know when God is answering our prayers. So we taught him the restoration and he loved it! I was really trying to keep my cool during the whole lesson because we just felt the Spirit really strong as we were teaching it and you could tell he was listening. Then as we got to the end of the lesson we invited him to pray and read and also to be baptized and he accepted the invitation! So his date is for December 17 and we're so excited! We've been trying to meet with the rest of his family but lately its just been him. And we are not sure if they're not interested or what but Juan turns 18 on December 24 so there will be no parental issues if he wants to get baptized. So that was definitely such a beautiful miracle. 

Since it is thanksgiving this week I would like to thank all of you! I know there is absolutely no way I could be here doing the Lord's work if it wasn't for all of your support. I would also just like to say I'm grateful for my savior Jesus Christ. I know it's only through him that we can change and become better sons and daughters of God. On the mission I have definitely learned that we can become whoever we want to, but it is only possible to change when we use the atonement and acknowledge our Savior. So I hope you all have a wonderful week and thanksgiving! Love you!

Hermana Brown

Fancy reindeer napkin and I was so happy!

From district meeting

Sol Canyon Zone!

We had a Charla foganera on Sunday and a lot of people fro Pueblo ward were there and were very happy to see me as I was them! 

We had a NOCHE de Talentos in our branch on Friday and it was soooo fun! I'll send videos :)
Christmas lights starts this week and we had a meeting with the other missions in Arizona to prepare us! The missions from Tempe, Gilbert, and Scottsdale. So there were sooooooo many sister missionaries in one place. Although these are in the day time, here's some of the statues and stuff they have!

And guess who I ran into from the Tempe mission.... Toni Oka!!! Or I guess it's sister Oka, but she came up to me and we were just like, what?! And then we took a picture

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