Sunday, April 2, 2017

WEEK 73: Meet My Killer πŸ”ͺ

So we got transfer news and......... I'm staying in Escondido for my last transfer! It's going to be so good and this week we've been seeing the Lord preparing people for the next transfer. Sister Gonzalez is also staying in Escondido, but she's going to the other half of the area in a trio with the other sisters! It's going to be way fun! And my companion is going to be Hermana Nickles! She's from Iowa and plays the cello and will be killing me in the mission. Super excited for that. She's also gluten free so that will help me be a little more healthy.

This week we finally got to go to the temple for our temple trip of the transfer! The temple was closed last transfer, and we went this transfer at the end of it, so it's been nearly three months since I've been to the temple and it really does make a difference. I can't imagine being in a mission or living on a place that the temple isn't as readily available as it is here or in Utah, because being that long without going to the temple has an effect on my emotional and spiritual well being, well at least I think it was that. When I entered the temple doors and even just being on temple grounds felt so much peace and comfort from being in the presence of the Lord. Go to the temple as often as possible! Elder Quentin L Cook said, "Just think, across the entire world women and men can through 'sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples … return to the presence of God and … be united eternally.'" Go to the temple as much as possible to feel of this love and I can promise you you will feel filled with power and knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else.

So as I mentioned earlier we have seen many cool experiences, and by cool I mean ones that have really allowed me to feel the spirit this week. Yesterday at church we saw the husband of one of our members (Hna Angel) that is not a member and is very catholic. That family has four kids and none of them are members either. Their oldest daughter, who is about 20 has a two year old son and just barely had another baby. Unfortunately something sad that happened was she left the house leaving the two kids with her parents to take care of (were not sure if she ran away without saying anything but that seems to be it). So they have been going through some rough things. The sons we used to be teaching but had dropped them (Bryan, Donovan, and Giovanni) hadn't been to church for three months but then they came this past SundayTheir dad had said in the Sunday school class that his family has been going through a lot of things and now he realizes the gospel is what he needs to cling to. He really wants this for himself and his family. So it was just really cool to see the family all sitting together in sacrament meeting  listening and learning. I felt so grateful for the gospel in my family. I know the gospel doesn't stop bad things from happening when we live it, but I can only imagine the difference it would have made in this family if all of them would have just experimented on the invitations extended by the missionaries when they had come over. Fortunately for them, the mom does have the gospel and has been a great example to them throughout the years since she's been a member. The gospel definitely strengthens family relationships, and centers the family on the teachings of Jesus Christ. That is what's most important. So all of you who do have the gospel, treasure it. Not everyone has it, or even realizes it's there! As Nephi describes when all of his family decides to obey the commandments of God, "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." The gospel is the manner of happiness! If you're not happy, find out how you can more fully live the simple principles mentioned in the fourth article of faith, and I can promise you, you will find true happiness. I love you all so much and I hope you can have a happy week by applying this! Last six weeks here we go!

Hermana Brown

This is my new companion Hermana Nickles! We won't change companions
until tomorrow, so this is a picture I stole from her Facebook.

Our district at the temple!

Hahahaha, because I'm an STL. But I actually go released for my last transfer soooooo yeah.

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