Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Surprise emails!!!

HEY FAM! So we get to email all day today since it's like our unofficial p-day and we won't get another chance to email until next monday so I will check my email as much as possible if you decide to send me something I can respond back! So if you have any questions for me about traveling or just wanna talk, write me up!!!

By the way last night for our devotional we got to here from the BYU men's chorus and it was AMAZING!!! They are seriously sooooooooo good. And the best part was they sang "Come Lord Jesus" from Savior of the World!!! It was definitely my favorite part of the night and I was thinking of my memories from SOTW and all you guys who are in it are soooooo lucky to be a part of it!! Seriously best thing ever. 

Any way send me an email and we can chat. Thanks!!!

-Hermana Brown

DUDE I am soooooooo excited!!! It's been snowing hard all day and I can't wait to get to the nice Arizona weather. That's awesome to hear about the ASL performance! I love watching the ASL translators at our devotionals on Tuesday and Sunday and it's soooooo cool. I'm gonna learn ASL on my mission maybe... because one of the elders in our zone is from Arizona and he learned ASL from the ASL missionaries in Mesa! So maybe I'll be tri-langual when I get back. But don't worry, I'll focus on Spanish first. Speaking of Spanish, I LOVE IT!!! The language honestly makes so much sense and sometimes I look back on the English language and wonder how in the world I learned that. So I may just act like I only know Spanish when I get back. I should probably also take an English class because my English has gone down hill because all we study is Spanish soooooo... Entonces... I'm soooooooo excited!!! I get to talk to you all tomorrow and fly into Arizona and meet my mission president and everything!!! Love you!

Here's a few pictures from the last few days! Also the selfie with the girl is the other Hermana Brown. I think she looks kinda like Cecily Strong from SNL she even sounds like her too! She is awesome btw.

Awwwww Muchos Gracias!!! Thanks for the pictures! CEERYLE IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Tell him to respond to this email. Btw gracie is super cute in that selfie and especially in those pictures from Savior of the World! And of course Zuri es siempre so so so so so cute! I feel like I should write in Spanish. But maybe not. I don't know I just love hearing from you guys! And, in 12 hours I'll be leaving the MTC! So crazy! I love the mtc and I'm going miss our teachers sooooo much. We had to say goodbye to about half our district yesterday and it was so sad! We said a final prayer last night all together and it was so hard not to cry, but I got through it. We are all best friends and have made soooooo many memories at the MTC. We decided we're doing a district reunion when we're all back, and it's gonna be in Florida at Harry Potter World and Disneyland. It's gonna be so much fun. 
Anyway we just got out of class with Hermano Woodbury and we were writing down what we want to become when we're on our missions or coming home from our missions. And I said I want to become myself in God's eyes. And I finally figured out the way that it works and I really wanted to share it with someone. So we want to know who we are, and the way we do that is by submitting ourselves unto the Lord, which is by serving Him and becoming an instrument in His hands, and the only way we are an instrument in His hands is if we are serving Him and doing his work. So therefore (kind of algebraically) we find out who we are by serving Him. And that's one of the main reasons why I am here. And it really goes back to the scripture that I put on my plaque which is Matthew 16:25. Love it! I don't know, I just had that epiphany in class and everything made so much sense now.
Anyway thanks for hearing my theories. Love you all! keep writing!!!

The last picture of our district at the temple walk

Me in probably my last snow for a year and a half

The Hermana's in our zone!

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