Tuesday, December 8, 2015

WEEK 5 -- It's gonna be a BOMPY ride...

Hola! Familia y Amigos! So my time here is coming to an end and it's soooo sad! We got our flight plans on Friday, so I leave in about a week and a half! But I'm seriously so excited to go to Arizona! it's gonna be so warm!

So on Sunday, It was my turn to speak in sacrament meeting. It's so scary because you don't know until right before. And they called Hermana Brown, and I was like, "sldkfooekjwfoijweojfow!" in my head, but I think it went well! At least I don't have to worry about it any more! And also on sunday my companion and I got called as online coordinators. So we basically just teach the new districts how to use the different things on the computers and stuff and the rules of emailing and using the internet. Haha, it's not much but it's nice to have a simple calling in the zone to help out :) For our sunday Devo we heard from President and Sister Hutching, and he gave tips on how to recognize the spirit better which were 1)keep it in your mind and heart 2) Bask in the spirit (muscle memory, remember how it feels) 3) Ask if there's more. I loved this because Sometimes I have the hardest time knowing if something is the spirit or not. So it was really good to hear.

On Monday we taught Benjamin, and we realized (or Hermano Clark helped us realize) we didn't know a ton about his religious background or why we were meeting with him so or lessons later in the week got a lot better.

On Tuesday we got a new TRC investigator, Diana! We were a little nervous and frustrated that they switched our investigator on us, but we really liked teaching her! She asks a lot of questions, which can be hard when we don't know how to answer all the time, but it's good to know that she's interested.
We also had choir practice again for the christmas banquet on tuesday night! And it was sooooo good! I love all the songs we sing although they're just primary songs. But Brother Eggett is AMAZING! He is really good at what he does and it is such a privilege to get to work with him. We had practice on Wednesday and Thursday morning too, and everytime I was just amazed by the things he was able to do with us, in the short amount of practice time we had. 

On Wednesday we got to host again! It was really fun, but my arms were sooooo sore the next day from hauling all the luggage around. But it is fun to see the new missionaries. We also got 2 new districts in our zone! Most of them are going to Argentina and a few are state side. But I still haven't found another sister going to Mesa! Hopefully I'll meet an english speaker when we fly.

On Thursday, we taught Diana again! And I got to say it was a pretty good lesson, probably our best one yet! We taught her about the restoration, and she still had a lot of questions but we were able to stay on track with our preparation, and we challenged her to read the book of Mormon! Unfortunately we're not teaching her again, so we don't get to see how it goes. But we know the lesson went well.
So also on thursday we got to do TRC skype, except kind of not. So they are supposed to have someone, who is a member of the church, for you to skype and practice teaching in spanish, and work on teaching lessons. But unfortunately the person they had planned for us didn't answer, so we just had to send her a video message. Hopefully next week it works!

On Friday we had our Christmas Banquet performance! It went super well and it felt soo good to perform even though i was only in the choir! I love to express my self through music. Especially for sharing my testimony. I just feel like it speaks for me better than I can speak for myself. So I was super grateful for the opportunity to be in that choir! We also got to talk to our branch presidency after the performance, and they were just so proud. They're like our parents here at the MTC. Although they could never replace my parents at home.

Language is coming! Our Branch president told us that based on how many districts he's seen in the past, he thinks our district is doing very well with the language and we've picked it up better than most districts. So that's really good to here! We have an amazing district that works sooo hard in our studies so I know the mission field is going to get some great missionaries soon! Also our teachers have told us that our lessons have gotten significantly better this week! So it's good to know that at this point we're still progressing and not plateauing.

Thanks for all your support! I could not be here without all of your wonderful examples inspiring me to be better everyday! I love and miss you all SO SO SO SO much!

-Hermana Brown

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