Tuesday, December 22, 2015

WEEK 7: It's gonna be a bompy ride!

Hola! Might be a short email this week because I don't have a lot of time. But normally I have 2 hours of email time. And once I get my ipad things will be a lot more convenient and I'll be able to read your emails all day!

But I'm in Arizona! So we were supposed to report to the travel office at but unfortunately the alarm didn't go off. So someone knocked on our door at about to get us. So me and Hna. Mitchell were super stressed, but we got to ride to the air port in the trucks with the luggage, and we both made our flights just fine. When we flew in to Arizona President and Sister Jenkins were their to pick us up and we went to the Mesa temple Visitors Center. Which I believe my family received pictures from that. After that we went to the mission home and got a small nap which was super nice! And then we got assigned to a companionship for the night to do some missionary work. I was with Sister Gruber and Sister V, and also Sister Colbert who was the other sister who flew into Mesa with me but she's English speaking. So all four of us were together. We went to eat dinner at a members house and went to visit a few of there investigators. Then that night we got to go to the Christmas lights! So as a Mesa missionary we have the Mesa temple which is decorated with lights all around. Sorry I don't have any pictures but I"m sure you can find some somewhere! But we pretty much just get to walk around the temple and talk to people and ask for referrals. It is soooooo cool and such a privilege to get to that!

So on Wednesday we had transfer meeting where we got to meet our companions! So I am in a trio because there is an odd number of Spanish sisters now. So my trainers are Hna. Conway and Hna. Judy. They are super nice and such great teachers. I learn from them so much! That day we got to go teach people again and do Christmas lights, but this time I got to experience the Spanish culture. My first few days I was already really tired and everything was kind of overwhelming so when people started speaking Spanish it was super fast and I only could pick out a few words. Things are getting better now and understanding it is coming. I just have to work up my confidence on speaking the language in our lessons and stuff. But I know it will come, because seriously the gift of tongues is real!

So over this whole week we taught so many people and we're busy all the time, so frankly I don't remember a lot of the names of the people we taught, but next week I will probably have more stories. 
However... On Saturday I was SUPER lucky. We got to go to a and endowment session and temple sealing, in the Mesa temple in Spanish! Seriously how meant to be is that. Just wanted to pay tribute to my grandparents on my first attendance at the Mesa temple. It was such an amazing experience. Kind of difficult because it was in Spanish but it went so well! It was for a recent convert family, the Guatemala's! Their actually from Mexico, so it's kind of interesting that that's there name. But I think that was the highlight of my week. Oh and we got to eat food at their house after the sealing and they had carne asada, and carnita's, and they had this Horchata hot chocolate which was SO GOOD! If you guys can swing that one seriously try it.

So on Sunday we had church in Spanish (obviously. I guess I should stop emphasizing that.) And it was still a little hard to understand because everyone talks soooooo fast. But it was good to go. And also one of our investigators, Socorro, came to church and she's only been taught I think twice! My trainers said they've never had a baptism, but I seriously have such I hopes for her. She is sooo ready. We teach a lot of less active families so I'm assuming that's why.

But had a white elephant party today with all the Spanish missionaries in the mission and it was super fun! I just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas!!! I love and miss everyone so much but I have a good feeling about Mesa! Thanks for everything, I feel your prayers every single day. Love you all!

-Hermana Brown

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