Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WEEK 8: And a Happy New Year!


Wow. It has been quite a week! Lots of ups and downs this week.

So last Monday we had this white elephant party with all the Spanish missionaries in the mission, which was super fun! And it was also fun to meet some of the other hermanas because I'll probably be companions with some of them in the future!

On Tuesday we had such an awesome day. So we had a lesson with someone named Reyna and her family and they've been reading in the BofM and they had questions and stuff! So that was really awesome. Then we had a lesson with a lady named Socorro, and she is soooo awesome. She came to church with us last Sunday, and then in our lesson we read in the BofM with her, which she is also reading in outside of our lessons, but she asks so many questions and analyzes everything and really tries to understand. And so she already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and she thinks it's really interesting! Sooooo yeah. Then we had a lesson with the Cervantes Family, which they got baptized about 7 years ago but haven't come to church for about three years. But when we got there for our lesson, the missionary that converted them was there with her family just visiting, which was super good for them. And then they told us they were going to come to church on Sunday!!! So we were super happy about that. So that day we were super happy because most of our planned lessons didn't fall through, and they were home, and they were progressing!

So on Wednesday we got to work at the Visitors Center for a shift because they are a little short VC sisters right now, especially for the Christmas Season. So for these last few weeks in December the full-field sisters got to work at the VC for one night. It was super fun and I really liked it because at the end of each exhibit you just got to bear your testimony. So it was really cool to just keep on sharing it over and over again.

On Thursday it was Christmas Eve! We didn't really have any lessons so we had a lunch with the zone, which was way fun and I'm starting to get to know everyone a little bit better. Then for dinner that night we ate at a Salvadorian families house. And she fed us SO MUCH FOOD. We had to very large tamales, bread, and ice cream. So I kind of felt a little sick after that, but I'm good now. We did do Christmas lights that night. And then after we went to the Familia Beltran, who is the ward mission leader, and they were just baptized about a year ago! We had a little party there. Elder Jensen ate a jabanero pepper which was super funny! But they are such great people and they gave us Christmas gifts! They are the nicest. And everyone else in the ward is soooo nice.

On Friday was Christmas Day! So that morning we got up to get ready, and then we opened presents! Thanks to everyone for the gifts and cards that were sent, it means sooooo much to me! I then got to skype my family, which was sooooo nice and I loved seeing and hearing from all of them! And although it was Christmas we still had to do our weekly planning, but it wasn't too bad. Then that night for the concert at the Christmas lights all the Mesa Missionaries got to sing! It was so fun and such a good way to spread the message of Christmas.

So on Saturday we had a lot of lessons planned because it was after Christmas, so after our studies we went out to go teach and find. And it was probably my longest day so far. Every lesson we had planned, they either weren't home, or told us to come back another time. And all the people we had on our list to visit didn't answer. And trust me, it was a long list and we weren't sure if we were going to make it to all of them. It was also really cold and windy that day so it was just really hard.

So then on Sunday it was also a little disappointing. So we texted a bunch of people reminding them about church, and drove around to see if people were coming. And when we got there, Socorro never came and neither did the Cervantes Family. So just a little sad. But the good thing at church was that I'm starting to understand what people are saying better now! It's hard sometimes because everyone talks soooo fast, but I'm starting to get the hang of it!

So although the last few days have been a little rough, we just have to remember to still be diligent and try to take every opportunity we can. But since it was Christmas, I just want to say how grateful and what a great blessing it is to have a Savior on the earth. And because of Him, who loves us and knows us all personally, we have someone to lean on and to rely on in hard times. We have a way to return to live with our Heavenly Father. So because he has given us so much, just want to challenge you all to think of what you can give back to the Savior this year.

Love you all soooo much and I can't wait to see what is awaiting for us this week! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Also, happy birthday to Gracie yesterday!!! I love you so much and I can't believe you're already nine!

-Hermana Brown
The Arizona sunsets are sooooooooooo pretty!

On Saturday when it was really windy, we found this beheaded snowman. I don't know, I thought it was entertaining!

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Displaying DSCF8598.JPG

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