Monday, February 1, 2016

WEEK 13: Then There were two...

Buenos días! Such an amazing week again! It was kind of interesting just being two this week now that Hermana Conway left, but we're used to it now!

So on Tuesday last week we taught our investigator named Reymundo, who is Yesenia dad. And it was really well! He has a lot of questions just about the restoration, so that's good! He always wants to cook for us though, and we've usually already had dinner by then, so it's kind of rough sometimes. So then that night, we were going to go visit Nadia, and when we were knocking on the door we noticed Gelacio (her boyfriend) just got back from bringing in groceries, so we decided to go help. So then when we got to the door, he told us that Nadia had seen some things on the internet about our church that she wasn't really pleased with, so it probably wouldn't be very good to see her for a while. So that was a little sad because her son had a baptismal date, but I'm very glad this happened now and not after his baptism. But I guess it explains why she had all those weird questions last week.

On Wednesday day we had a lesson with Socorro and she is doing so great! We talked a lot about church and the Book of Mormon, and she loves it all! And at the end of the lesson we asked her if she's prayed to know the church is true and she she knows it! We're still struggling with getting her on date, but I really think this week it could happen! We met this new referral named Hermana Ladezma this week. And we went to go visit her and she talked soooooooo much and really fast too! We're not exactly sure if she wants to keep learning or if she just wants someone to talk to. But I guess we'll see! We also had great lessons with Julia and Heria! We realized they didn't exactly know how to read the scriptures. Like what is a verse and a chapter. So we went over that with them, and we read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and just made sure that if they want to know that this church is true they actually have to read the Book of Mormon.

On Thursday I went to go get certified as a mission vehicle driver! I only am going to drive on Friday and Sunday now because I'm still confused on where everything is but I'm so excited to drive! We had a lesson with Linda and her kids about the gospel of Jesus Christ. About faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. And it went so well! She's really been changing a lot and has such a desire to learn and she also has a desire to be baptized! No date yet, but I'm sure it will one day be there. We met a Christmas lights referral, a lady named Sandra. She works a lot and told us straight up that if she doesn't read it's just because she's been working. So she seems super prepared, we're just not exactly sure if we'll be able to meet with her that often. But she wants her son to learn too! It was also Osmonds birthday! And he wanted us to come visit him on his birthday! It was so great. We taught him he gospel of Jesus Christ and did a scripture race. And then we ate cookies for his birthday.

On Friday we went to go help a member, Hermana Avalos paint one of the walls on the outside of her house! It was super fun and she made us really good quesadillas for lunch! We also had a really great blessing at Hermana Candelarias house. She is a member, but her boyfriend is not. But she wanted us to come bless her home and she asked for a priesthood blessing as well. So we went to there house with the elders to do that and the spirit was so strong. Also it was probably really good that her boyfriend was there for that.

So then on Saturday we had a lesson with her boyfriend, Luis! And it went so well! We decided to go over the restoration again because he didn't quite grasp the whole thing the first time. But I really think he's starting to warm up to the gospel and he had a lot of questions about how it was restored so we're hoping to have a lesson at the visitors center so we can watch the Joseph smith movie with them.

So church was super great, and a bit nerve racking because my companion and I had to give talks, in Spanish for  15 minutes each! We found out on Friday so we only had two days to prepare. It was super scary but I really think it went well. We also got to pick our own subjects, so I did mine on the atonement and service, and hermana Judy did hers on taking upon the name of Christ. But other than that church was really good! Hna Ladezma, Osmond, and Socorro came. And Socorro told us that her family is very fond of her coming to another church, because she grew up as a strong Catholic, but she likes how she feels at church and she likes everything about the church so she is going to keep coming! So that was super great!

Well, another week down! It was a tiring one! A lot more to do when there's only two of you! But we're still going. Oh yeah, we didn't get to see Eric at all this week which is a little sad. But we think he went out of town because his mailbox was overflowing. But just so you know. And Spanish has definitely gotten better this week too. Everything weak gets easier and easier. Love you all so much!

-Hermana Brown

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