Monday, February 15, 2016

WEEK 14: Three months!

Wow! It was such a great week and it literally flew by. So many great things happened. And can you believe I have already been out three months?!

So on Monday we had a super great lesson with a less active family, la familia Ruelas. We taught faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. And it went so well! The whole family was participating and really engaged in the lesson. At the end, Hno Ruelas shared with us a general conference talk that his boss sent him (called "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" from gen con 2014, and it's really good and everyone reading this email better read it) but it really made an impact on him and he really wants to come to church every week and make a change. And he kept texting us all week about setting an appointment up with the bishop, and he kept asking us questions about what things meant in the Book of Mormon! It REALLY made an impact on him and it's been amazing to see his testimony and desire to learn grow so quickly, just from a talk that his boss sent to him. So you never know the difference you're going to make. So challenge you all to share something, somehow, someway, it doesn't have to be anything grand but just do it. We've been using that talk all week with everyone and it's so great!

On Tuesday we had a visit with Hna Ladezma and I think I said his last week but she talks soooo much! She tells us all about the things going on in her family. So we taught a little bit of the plan of salvation, but it was hard to get past the first point because she wasn't 100 percent there and she kept talking. So we're still not exactly sure what she wants from us, but we will figure it out. We also had a great a lesson with Linda and her kids about the sabbath day and they understood really well. Unfortunately they weren't able to make it to church which is hard because they might not have a car all the time, but at the same time we let them know we can find a ride if they need it. But i think eventually they'll make a change and really want to come.

On Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with Socorro! If I thought she was prepared since the first lesson we had, she is most definitely prepared now. Since he last time we met with her she read pretty much all of 2 Nephi. We were going to teach the plan of salvation again because she had some questions, but she ended up asking us questions about the commandments and specifically the word of wisdom. She asked us why we haven't asked her to give up coffee yet, and she's so willing to change! She knows it's all true and now we're just waiting for her to commit to baptism.

On Thursday we had to do a training at district meeting on using time wisely. And just got to give credit to my parents for teaching me so well how to set goals because I definitely used all of that. Especially the SMART goal thing. So thanks! But we had a lesson with Osmond and it was so great. We reviewed what a baptismal covenant is and what happens when we're baptized. We also talked about chastity, word of wisdom, law of the fast and he seems to understand really well. He's really ready for baptism. Except he still hasn't received or prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true. He asked his mom about baptism but he said she ignored him. But I really think once he knows the truth of the Book of Mormon, his mom will soften her heart and say it's okay. We also had a super great lesson with Hno. Beltran's niece who just moved here from Mexico. We taught the Restoration and it went really well! And it's great because we had member present lessons! But it was good. Hno y Hna Beltran, it kind of seemed like they've been waiting for a chance to talk about the gospel and they did it in the lesson, which was good, but it was hard to keep on track with the lesson. At one point they just started singing "Jospeh Smiths first prayer." But it really did go well and she is so nice and willing to listen. The spirit was super strong.

On Friday in the morning we went to go help an investigator of the elders in our zone. And it was really fun! We had some interesting encounters with animals that day. First we found a little gecko and caught it, but then one if the elders accidentally ripped it's tail off. Then we were taking a box out of her shed and this huge rat jumped out of it and ran around the corner. And then we were finishing up and we saw this cat jump into the air and catch a bird in its mouth. And then she ate it. So that was an adventure! We had a great lesson with the familia estradas that too! We decided to read the talk that Hno Ruelas showed us and it was perfect. I think it really helped answer some questions they were having. They also have a goal to come to church every week now too! So our less actives are doing AWESOME right now!

On Saturday we got to attend a baptism for the elders in our ward! It was absolutley beautiful  and Socorro came! She really liked it, and she said it's a big decision you have to make. Which it definitely is. I would only want her to get baptized if she know it's the right thing for her. I had to play the piano at the baptism. Now that Hna onway isn't here, I'm the designated piano player. But it was a great baptism, and I definitely think Socorro is considering baptism now, regardless of what her mom thinks. We got to visit with Julia that day and it was so so great. We did't actually have a lesson, but when we got there her two kids ( they are the ones who are special needs) told us that their dog Lucas ran away and they were really devastated. So we went to go look for him and said a little prayer and we found him! It was so great. I love talking to her kids they have such a great happiness about them. So you may be wondering what happened to our investigator Eric. We haven't seen him for two weeks because he didn't answer the door or our calls. And we think it's because his uncle isn't very fond of him meeting with Mormons. But we left a note in his door that night and then we were able to call him on Sunday and he still wants to meet with us! He just said he's going through a lot of hard things right now.

Sunday was also a great day, and Socorro and Hna Ledezma came! Socorro absolutely loves church and is starting to make friends with lots of he members. During sacrament meeting Hna. Ledezma wanted to bear her testimony, but it ended up being her telling them all about her accident and her problems she's having in her family. So that was a little interesting. But the whole meeting was really great.

Well. Another week down! And it went by sooooo fast. Don't forget to read that talk because it's good for everyone to read. Love you all a bunch!

-Hermana Brown

So everywhere in Arizona there's orange citrus trees and they are the
best oranges ever! Members give them to us all the time.

This is what Hna Judy and Hna Morris would look like with Hna Guiterrez hair and mine.

And what me and Hna Guiterrez would look like with Hna Judy and Morris hair!

The roommates :)

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