Tuesday, February 23, 2016

WEEK 15: Lots of love...

Woohoo! Another awesome week! What's new, haha. But it was really good, we did a lot of finding this week because we're in need of some new prepared investigators.

So on Monday we had a lesson with Osman (Osmond, we just found out on Wednesday that his name is actually spelled and pronounced Osman, and not to mention he's been taught for about 6 months and didn't say anything! Don't know why but he really reminds me of Shayden) we talked about the Book of Mormon with him. It was really great! We had this girl come with us who just got back from Australia that we met in Walmart while we were grocery shopping. Lots of return missionaries ask if they can come out with us, but a lot of the time it's more effective if they're in the ward, but we let her come along. It was a great lesson though! Osman said he feels like his answer is like a puzzle and it's slowly coming together to know of the truth.

On Tuesday, we had interviews with president Jenkins! I was super nervous because of the recent training we had on "teach repentance and baptize converts" he decide he wanted us to teach repentance to him! So yeah, that was a bit scary but it went so well! My mission president is the greatest. We had a lesson with Hna Ledezma and it went sooooo good! She listened the whole time and hardly interrupted us! So we finally finished teaching her the restoration. She said she likes reading from the Book of Mormon, but she can't read on her own because the words are too small. So today we bought one of those giant book of Mormons for her. We actually extended he baptism invitation, but she said no because she's not exactly sure if she wants to switch religions and right now. We finally had a lesson with Eric again too! It was in the VC and it was perfect because we had spencer Avalos come with us who just got back from his mission a week ago in Canada. So we talked about the Book of Mormon a lot with him too, and he liked asking us why we read the book and what parts in it were our favorites. So he said he's going to read and he downloaded the whole gospel library app and everything on it!

On Wednesday, we had a lesson Socorro and we brought Hermana Avalos with us, and she talks a lot! But it was really good. We talked about temples and eternal marriage and Socorro thought it was all really beautiful! Then we talked about baptism a little bit, well we talked about a lot of things, but I think it was really good and what she needed. She still doesn't think she's ready for baptism yet and thinks she needs to know more, but there's so much to know! The only thing she really needs to know is if the church is true, and she know that! So she's not in date yet and we were planning on doing that this week, but she got really sick so we didn't have anymore lessons with her, and she wasn't able to come to church. We had a lesson with Osman as well about faith. It was really quick but his faith in prayer is truly growing. He's struggling reading his scriptures right now, and his mom is still saying no to baptism. :(

On Thursday, we had a lesson with a new investigator named Angela and we taught the restoration. It went really well! She said she would be baptized but then said she likes her Catholic Church and doesn't want to change, so not exactly sure she understood. But the rest of the day we had four or five lessons planned but they all fell through, so we did about five hours of finding the day! But it was pretty rough and we didn't find a ton of people. So that was a pretty long day.

On Friday, we had a lesson with Hna Ledezma again but she was talking a lot during this lesson! She told us she read in the Book of Mormon though! Just a little bit but she did read! We tried teaching her the plan of salvation but she was talking so much. It wasn't too bad though. We had a lesson with the Cervantes family. We asked them to read Mosiah 5 and they did! So we talked about that chapter a little bit and they said they want to start reading again. They also want to come to church but unfortunately that didn't happen.So then that night we had a very interesting lesson with someone named Anna. We met her a little while ago but she told us to come back this
day at this time. So we did and this girl named crystal answered the door and let us in. We talked with her for a little while because Anna was cleaning and she was really nice! She said she was baptized into the church a few years ago but doesn't really go anymore. So when Anna finally came over we started talking about her experience with the missionaries. And she started telling us a lot of things and then she told us that Crystal is her wife! So we were a little shocked but didn't let it show in our faces, and we just kind of expressed love for them and invited them to read the Book of Mormon, and come to church. They were really surprised that we invited them after they
told us about their situation. So that was definitely an experience for the books.

Saturday was such a great day! We had this Spanish conference with president Jenkins and all the other Spanish missionaries in the mission. We started out the day by going to the temple and doing a Spanish session, which was so so so great. And then we had a lunch and some trainings about Spanish culture and the language. It was super great and definitely needed. They used to have just Spanish zones in the mission and have things like this all the time. But now we're all mixed together. But I'm so grateful to have had that experience. So we ended up having dinner with Nadia (Pineda family who read anti Mormon stuff and doesn't want to be taught anymore). We were really surprised that she still would be willing to feed us, but it was really good! The other missionaries tried inviting her to church but she just was really hesitant, but elder Moreno shared an awesome spiritual thought in Matthew 19 about coming unto Christ and it was very powerful! We also had a lesson with Eric and it was really great. We talked more about the Book of Mormon because he listened to a lot of it in his phone when he was at work. He especially like the testimony of Joseph Smith. But unfortunately we found out that he's moving so we're praying he'll still be in our area but we don't know for sure.

Sunday was a little rough because we only had one investigator at church, which was alma. Socorro was really sick, Osman didn't want to come, Eric was moving, and we couldn't find a ride for Hna Ledezma. But church was still really great. And it was valentines, so it had to be a good day! So we had a lesson with Hna Candelarias and her kids, and this little girl named Abigail. We watched a lot of videos about Christ and listened to the Christus. It was very great and good to keep it simple because her kids are a bit wild at times! And we found new investigators on Sunday! Maria and Jesus. They've listened to missionaries but about six years ago. So we taught the restoration and they seemed to like it. I hope they have a strong interest to learn.

This morning we got to go to the temple again because it was open because it was closed for a little bit. So that was a super great way to start the day. Just want to say happy Valentine's Day to every one, And I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Especially want to say thank you to all my family. I have so much love for you all and I hope you know that! I love the Lord and I love he scriptures and those are the things that brings us closer as families. My favorite part in teaching the restoration is when we talk about families, because I get to tell everyone about my awesome family, and it's awesome because of the gospel, and I have he best family. So thanks again!

Con amor,

Hermana Brown

We had a picnic in the park on Tuesday because our dinner canceled. So
it was super fun and the weather is sooooo beautiful!

This is from the Temple on Saturday

We took a bunch of crazy photos with Hna. Morris' ipad

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