Sunday, May 8, 2016

WEEK 26: Jesus Es Mi Luz!

It was kind of crazy week. So they joined our area with the other sisters area, and now our area is huge and we have sooooo many people in our area book. So the first few days we were struggling with knowing how to use time effectively but still spend time in both areas and also getting used to being in a trio. But it's getting better and my companions are great! Some of you asked and Sister Gutierrez was born in Mexico but comes from Wyoming, and sister Hershey was born and raised in California, but comes from Idaho.

So on Tuesday we had a lesson with Jesus! I can't remember how much I told you all about him but he's a 16 year old that is friends with one of the young women in the ward and she invited him to seminary to find out for himself what it's like and he loved it! So that night we went to go see him again and it was our first lesson in our new companionship. We taught him the restoration and we set him on date for the 21 of May! He is sooooo prepared and really wants it and is going to do what it takes to build a strong testimony. Also later on in the week we went to go see him again and he wants to graduate from seminary. So he has this huge Old Testament booklet and is doing all the make up work to graduate by the time he's a senior.

On Wednesday we went to go walk with Socorro in the morning and she gave us breakfast! We also talked a lot about her baptism and she is sooooo excited! Unfortunately later on in the week she called us and something came up on the 7th and we had to change the date to the 14th. A bit of a bummer but at least she will still get baptized! We also had a fun lesson with the Estrada girls! As we were walking to their house all of their friends started following us, so when we got to the house we had a whole bunch of kids with us. We weren't really sure what to do, so we started singing primary songs and "Do as I'm Doing" and someone yelled out that we do push ups for it so we did them in our skirts! It was really fun, and eventually the kids dwindled down and we taught Andrea and Gabby about baptism and confirmation.

On Thursday we went to go do a service project and we painted a house! That took a lot of the day because we did it for four hours and we didn't even finish! But then that night we met with a lot of people in the other area and frankly I don't remember a lot of the people we saw, but it was still a good day!

On Friday we had a ton of lessons! We met with Osman and read with him in the BofM on the part where Nephi breaks his bow and it was really good because they had talked about it in church but he didn't really understand, so he's finally on that chapter! He's doing really good and I really wish he had more support from his family.

On Saturday morning Socorro had her baptismal interview with Elder Moreno. It went really well and she is ready! She was just really happy coming out of the interview and I think she is very excited for her baptism. We also met with the Estradas again and taught then the law of chastity. It was good and they are doing well.

Sunday was and awesome day! We had 8 investigators at church! Also Socorro was sooooo happy at church and she told me without asking that she is so excited for her baptism. Also I think she felt good because the Pozos family invited her to sit with them and usually she just sits by herself because she doesn't want to intrude on everyone's families. But it was really good!

Our area is being so blessed right now and we have baptisms coming up! It's going to be really great and I really am so grateful to be in this area. Love you all so so so much!

Hermana Brown

Us with our Estrada and friend clan!

We matched on Sunday!

And more selfies!

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