Sunday, May 15, 2016

WEEK 27: Feliz Día de Las Madres!

It was an amazing week! And also such a pleasure to talk to my family yesterday and wish my mom a happy Mother's Day! This week was definitely a good one full of great experiences.

Socorro is doing really well and she is very ready for baptism! We went to go see her Tuesday morning because she offered to make us breakfast (she is so good to us). And we had a little lesson with her then. We talked a lot and got to know her better. She told us a lot about her time growing up and she has not had it easy, but based on the experiences she's had in the past, she told us has helped her know what she really wants now. And so Its amazing to think that all the things that have happened in the past have helped her prepare to accept the gospel now in her life. Sometimes its difficult to understand why people don't accept the gospel, but we just have to realize it's all in the Lord's time and he is preparing people from the moment they start their life here on earth, accept the gospel when they are ready.

On Wednesday, May the 4th it was Star Wars day, my parents anniversary, and my 6 month anniversary! Pretty crazy but very eventful day. We had interviews with president that morning and they were really good! When we do interviews he always asks us to come prepared to discuss something with him. This time we were asked to study the idea of "becoming." What does it mean to become? How do we become? What do we want to become? One of the best scriptures that I found was in Mosiah 5:7 and it talks about how through baptism we literally become his sons and daughters. So it's our choice to become and be the person he knows we can. He knows our potential better than we do, so as we trust in the Lord and keep his commandments we can literally become his child. So just want to invite you all to think about who you want to become, and study it and the Lord will reveal unto you the the full potential you have. :)

On Thursday we went to the visitors center to watch "Meet the Mormons" with Osman, and also Hermano Beltran showed up with a friend from work! He's always finding people to share the gospel with. Also the Estradas showed up in the middle of the movie, because Andrea was going to have her baptismal interview after that! The movie went so well and Osman really loved it. The thing he told me he learned from it is that we all are different, but we all have a place in this world and that's why we're here in this day in age. So after the movie Andrea had her interview with Elder Hoffmann. Before they started, she told us she had a dream that Elder Hoffmann would be the one to interview her. So that was really good because it's nice for them to have someone they're comfortable with when interviewing. And the interview went so well! Andrea is all ready for baptism, and it's so amazing to see and feel the change that had taken place. You just grow so much love for these people and when you're told they can be baptized and enter into a covenant with God your heart is just so full of love. Andrea also told us she felt the spirit really strong in the interview and she started crying, so I think she knows she's ready as well. Then the familia Castillo makes churros every Thursday so we went there on our way home and we ate them all that night, not to mention they gave us homemade doughnuts too! They were soooooo good but unfortunately we all woke up a little sick. I think we learned our lesson there!

On Friday we had a ward activity for mothers Day! Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the whole thing, but our ward mission leader, Hermano Beltran, sang a few songs and he's really good! We also didn't try the food because we had already eaten dinner, but it smelled really good. Also Socorro came and brought her mom and her sister! It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed it.

On Saturday a lot of people weren't home but we went to go see Jesus. It was kind of late so we didn't have a lot of time, but we showed them the video called, "good things will come" and his mom was listening too. They both really liked the video and it really touched them. His mom is going through a really hard time right now and it's so sad to see. She was telling us all about it and all we knew what to tell her was they we know that his gospel would bless her life. So hopefully we'll be able to meet with her in the future, and as we teach her son she'll see a change in him.

On Sunday was Mother's Day! Fun fact: Mexicans celebrate mothers day on the 10th of May. But we still got to skype our families that day. We had 4 investigators at church so that was good! The we went to Hermana Gonzalez's house to skype and I go to to see my wonderful family!!! It was so good and and I'm so glad we live in a day and age to be able to communicate with each other.

So it definitely was a great week and I'm so excited for the one coming! Andrea is getting baptized on Thursday may 12 and Socorro on Saturday May 14! So we will be very busy but it's going to be so good!

Love you all so much!

This is kind of gross but we found this devoured bird outside of our
apartment and it was eaten by ants! It's kind of cool though :)

Trio on Mother's Day!

At the familia Guandiques!

Today we all bought ponchos!

A member gave us roses, not really sure why, but they did!

Skyping fun!

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