Sunday, May 22, 2016

WEEK 28: Baptism Week!

This week was baptism week! We were really busy all week but it was a really good one. 

On Tuesday we went to go knock on a door for this referral we got named Abraham. As we talked to him he told us he was Christian and liked to learn about God and doesn't have anything against other religions. He said the only thing he doesn't like about our religion is that we worship Joseph Smith. So then we clarified that we don't worship him, but we know he was a prophet called of God. And after we clarified that he was okay with us coming back and teaching the restoration to him! So we did that later on in the week and it went so well, the only problem is he works a lot so we still need to try to get a hold of him for the next appointment.

On Wednesday it was temple trip day! It is such a blessing that we have a temple in our mission because in the temple is where you feel the most peace and the spirit. So it is really great that we have the chance to go once a transfer. We also had lunch with Socorro which was really good! She also told us how excited she was for her baptism. She really is sooo happy all the time now and it's really great to see.

On Thursday was Andreas baptism!!! It was a bit of a stressful one but it still went well. We went an hour before it started to set up chairs and make sure everything is good for the baptism. It was supposed to start a 7:30pm and as time got closer and closer the Estrada family wasn't showing up. We kept calling them and calling them but they would not pick up. And the. President And Sister Jenkins show up and they still weren't there. And finally it was time for the baptism to start and they all finally show up! We took a few photos with Andrea in white and then we started right away. It was absolutely beautiful! The talks were really great and the ordinance went perfectly. The spirit was so strong and it was so cool to see Andrea to take that step. Then after the baptism president pulled he three of us aside and we thought he was going to be mad because it wasn't the most organized of baptisms. But he actually wanted to tell us  that a sister from Guatemala just got her visa to come to Mesa and he is going to send her out as soon as possible, and since we are in a trio and there used to be two areas she's coming here with one of the three of us! He still hasn't told us who but we know she's either coming today or tomorrow! So hopefully I'll be able to tell you all before 6 what happens.

On Friday we had a miracle! So not sure if you all remember but we used to have an investigator named Eric Gallardo and he was really golden but he moved to California. So we got a text from him that morning asking how we were so we decided to call him. And turns out he's back in our area living with his uncle and his wife and kids are now living here too and they just came from Mexico! So he told us he still had his Book of Mormon and read a little bit of it but he wanted us to come over to teach him! So we went that day and had such a good lesson on the restoration. He really wants to learn and his whole family are so cute and willing to learn. The only problem is it's
going to be hard to teach the whole family because they are with his uncle who isn't very fond of Mormons. But I know we will figure something out. It made me so happy because when we used to be teaching him he was so golden and loved learning and then all of a sudden he just moved. I was so confused because I thought this would be his time to accept the gospel, and it was really hard to drop,his teaching record. But now I realize it was for the better because now we have the opportunity to teach the whole family. The Lords time really is best :)

On Saturday was Socorro's baptism!!! It was honestly the happiest day of my mission. Sister Conway was playing the piano and Sister Judy was doing the presentation so the original trio was back! And oh my goodness, it was the best and smoothest baptism ever and the spirit was so strong. Socorro was really happy and full of the spirit. Her sister and her mom also came to support her! I really think that through Socorro's example they will accept the gospel really soon. At the end we sang, "Soy un Hijo de Dios" and the spirit was really strong. At the end when we sang "lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way. Teach me all that I must do to live with him
someday." The spirit was very strong and it really testified to me that we will live with him someday if we follow the example of Jesus Christ. It was very special to see Socorro take the first step on the path to live with our father in heaven and I know that we will all live with him again.

So I will try to send out an email later to let you know what happens with the new Hermana if I have time. But I love you all and keep choosing the right!

Hermana Brown

Us with bishop and his family at a dinner!

Temple Trip

Everyone that was at Andrea's baptism!

Andrea's baptism!

We went to this really good shave ice place called Bahamas Bucks for my first time!

Socorro's baptism!!!

All of us and Sococrro's mom :)

Us with Jesus at the charla on Sunday!

And I found my dad in the bible videos!!!
Christ's Authority is questioned:

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